Artfest Ontario

Artfest Ontario hosts 4 art & craft shows yearly, showcasing Canada’s talented artists and artisans. Our mission is to sustain the artistic culture that has been developed by Canada’s wealth of talented artists, to inform people on the societal and economical importance of sustaining the local art industry, and most importantly to give the public a chance to experience and interact with the art, crafts, and the art community.

With our programs such as Artpix Children’s Gallery, and Artfest Kids, our vision is to give the next generation of artists the inspiration to create, the means to artistically express themselves, and the opportunity to create, showcase and develop their artistic talent. Founder Lory Macdonald has a passion for fostering the next generation of artists and sustaining the artistic community for generations to come.


What does Artfest stand for? Our value statements are as such:

  • Giving all Artfest visitors the chance to discover their artistic inspiration, and interact with local art and artists

  • Providing a unique and creative experience for artists to showcase and sell their work

  • Fostering the next generation of artists

  • Sustaining the social integrity of the artistic community and industry.

Lory MacDonald

Lory MacDonald

About Lory MacDonald

Lory MacDonald is an Artist and Artfest’s Show producer. She is passionate about inspiring and promoting artists of all ages, teaching art, and selling her art pieces across Canada, USA and Hong Kong. She is the recipient of the 2016 Collingwood Arts & Culture Award.

A graduate from the Ontario College of Art, Lory's philosophy about life and art is: Life without creativity and passion is dull! This is her motivation to promote artists and artisans from across Canada and to create opportunities for creative people to thrive.

Her latest endeavor, with partner Al Hearn,  is the Artists Advantage membership program. Creating discounts, benefits, networking and a resource centre for artists across Canada. Check it out. Please join us.

Lory's Art