The Artfest Show Application Guidelines

*NEW Application Deadlines- We recommend requesting all of your requested shows using our ONE Application System.

  • Artfest Kingston Christmas Art & Craft Show 2019- applications open

  • Artfest Toronto May 2020- Applications open November 1, 2019

  • Artfest Kingston 2020- Applications open November 1, 2019

  • Artfest Toronto Fine Art & Craft Show 2019- applications closed

Exhibit Fees 2019

  • Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Spring May 18-20 Victoria Day Weekend, $420 (10x10), $840 (10x20), $525 (6x10 tent included) plus HST, corner fee $50

  • Artfest Kingston June 29-July 1, Canada Day Weekend, $420 (10x10), $625 (10x15), $840 (10x20) plus HST, no corners available

  • Artfest Toronto Fine Art Show Aug-30-Sept 2, Labour Day Weekend (four days) $525 (10x10) $625 (6x10 tent included) $1050 (10x20 limited number) plus HST, corner fee $50

  • Artfest Kingston Christmas Art & Craft Show Dec 5-8, (four days) $595 (5x10), $695 (10x10), $775 (5x15), $795 (10x15), $1,025 (5x20), $1275 (10x20), corner fee $100. plus a new Christmas Makers Markette Section (emerging artists and smaller makers) $350 (4ft round skirted table supplied) or $100 for one day.

Show Payments Schedule

You are required to include a deposit of $100 for EACH show you apply for. Successful applicants will be notified by email following the adjudication process. A secure payment processing link will be included in that email. You are required to submit the balance of your show fee(s) payment within 30 days of your acceptance email to secure your exhibit space. You may pay by Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Paypal, Interac Transfer ( or cheque.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

This is a juried art & craft show. If you are not selected to exhibit at the event, a full deposit refund will be issued. If your application is approved for the show, you will be required to pay the balance of the show fee. Refunds are available up to 30 days before the Toronto shows, and 60 days for the Kingston shows. A $50 cancellation fee will be applied.

Exhibitor Eligibility

Only Canadian handmade products will be considered for exhibiting. Artfest Shows are juried art and craft shows. Only the finest artists and artisans offering original work (prints of original works are accepted) will be accepted to exhibit.

Acceptable product categories include: visual art, bodycare, clothing, glass, fashion accessories, gourmet food, jewellery, leather, painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, textile art, toys, wood and other. Candles (excluding the Distillery).

*Please note that the Artfest Toronto August 30- September 2, 2019 show is primarily a Fine Art & Craft Show. The focus of this show is visual art, photography, sculpture, fine craft: glass, pottery, fine jewellery, and gourmet food. Please contact Lory if you have any questions.


  • A 10x10 WHITE tent (your own or rented) is required. We provide the 6x10 booth size white tents (Distillery shows only limited number)

  • Kingston Christmas Show- no tents required. Pipe and drape and 750w electrical is included. AstroTurf floor. No carpet is required.

  • Two different product categories are permitted in one booth.

  • Corner booths are available in the Toronto (limited number $50 extra). and Kingston Christmas shows (limited number $100 extra).

  • We provide and install the weights for the Toronto shows.

  • You must have Liability Insurance

Example of a 6x10 tent 6ft deep and 10ft wide. Comes with 4 sides to close up at night and for weather. You must provide your own tables, chairs and grids. (or rent from All Cargo Tent Rentals)

Example of a 6x10 tent 6ft deep and 10ft wide. Comes with 4 sides to close up at night and for weather. You must provide your own tables, chairs and grids. (or rent from All Cargo Tent Rentals)

Application Process

  • Complete the online application form (link is below).

  • NOTE* A $100 deposit for EACH show is required and must accompany your online application (paypal, visa, MC, Amex, Interac Transfer). Deposit refunds will be issued following the final jurying process if your application was not successful.

  • Submit 5 digital photographs of your product plus a booth photo by email (see details below)

  • The jurying process is ongoing until the application deadline. You will be notified about your application status as soon as possible. We recommend that you submit your application(s) EARLY.

  • Successful applicants will be notified by email. You are required to submit your payment balance promptly (within 14 days of notification) to secure your exhibit space. Your space will be re-assigned if we do not receive your payment.

Submit Your Photos

  • All applicants must submit 5 photos and include a booth design photo (for new Artfest exhibitors only) or proposed drawing.

  • Photo size Requirements: resolution 300dpi and size 500px wide x any length.

  • Email your images and type in the Subject line: Artfest Toronto May Images, Artfest Kingston Images, Artfest Toronto Sept Images, or Arfest Kingston Christmas Images. If you are applying to more than one show, then place all images in one email, and type all show names in the email subject line

  • email images to:

Show Logistics

Key Points

1. Public Hours 11am-6pm daily. You may stay open later if you wish

2. Exhibitor set up hours 7:15am -11am


4. Arrive early

5. No vehicles allowed on the grounds after 9am

6. You can drive to your booth to unload in SOME areas: A & B Row, Parts of D Section

7. TENT RENTALS, grids tables etc. are from AllCargo Tent Rental. Please use the order form available on the website, and send directly to them

8. You are required to provide a WHITE 10’x10’ tent

9. We will provide and install heavy weights for the 4 corners of your tent on Friday morning

10. We provide the tents for exhibitors booked for the 6x10’ booths. They are 10ft frontage, 6ft deep with 4 walls and set up for you

September show- Friday is Gallery Day and we have invited over 150 galleries to attend the show looking for new talent. So be prepared with extra business cards etc

The Distillery tends to be very windy at times. Please plan your set up accordingly to handle winds. You cannot peg into the ground anywhere on the site, or attach anything onto Distillery buildings or property. We provide and install all tent weights

Electrical. There is no electrical hook-up on the grounds

WiFi. There is no free WiFi on the site

Security. We will provide overnight security from 6pm -11am daily. Take anything of value with you. Close your booth up well at night. There tends to be strong winds at the Distillery at night, therefore keep your tent well weighted down. Tie it up and tie it down.

Set Up and Unloading. Set up begins at 7:15am on Saturday (May show) and Friday (September show) morning. Check in with one of us by Balzacs Café. The booth numbers will be found written in chalk on the brick cobblestones. We will have a few parking spaces reserved for unloading on the south side of Trinity Square, adjacent to Balzac’s Café. Please check in with us before unloading into your booth. We want to make sure everyone is in the correct spot.

Exhibitors in A & B Row can drive in to unload from Mill Street through the main gate (only 6 cars permitted on site at one time). All vehicles must be removed by 9am

Exhibitors in C Row can unload close to Balzacs Café and dolly their display in

Exhibitors in the D Section can unload as follows: Booths D1-D8, D28 & 29 can drive in to unload from Mill Street through the main gate (only 6 cars permitted on site at one time). All vehicles must be removed by 9am. All other D section Booths must dolly their display in from the parking lot by Balzac’s Café.

Exhibitors in E Row can unload from the building alcove located off the fire lane on Mill St. just west of the Distillery Main Entrance. There is a small parking area that you must pull into. You cannot park and unload in the fire lane. You will be ticketed. You must then dolly your display in. Artfest staff help is available to assist and will direct you where to unload.

If you have a trailer- there is nowhere to turn around on the grounds. BRING A DOLLY.

Move-out. The show finishes up at 6pm on Monday. Please DO NOT pack up or move out early, but start breaking down promptly at 6pm. You must take everything with you, including all garbage, big and small. During tear down on Monday night, please cut the plastic ties off the weights and throw the ties away. Don’t leave them on the ground. Throw trash in the waste bins or bring it home with you. Nothing at all can remain after 11:00pm on Monday night.

Vehicles will be restricted on the grounds at closing time due to pedestrian traffic. We may have to wait until after 8pm until we can safely get a vehicle onto the grounds, at the discretion of the Distillery Security. We do not provide dollies, so if you need one please bring it with you.

ATM Machines. We have an ATM machine at the Artfest Information Tent by Balzac’s Café. There are also two on the grounds, one on Case Goods Lane and the other off Tank House Lane.

Parking. There is a new condo beginning construction on the site, but the dates are not firm. This may impact our parking spaces. If you are parking for the day on the grounds of the Distillery, get there early, and put your car in the ‘additional’ parking lot, just to the south of the Fermentation Building. We will point it out to you. It’s close by on site. Charges are $16 for 10 hours. Larger vehicles can fit there as well. There is also a cheaper parking lot off Parliament Street, just slightly south of the Distillery. There are other lots in the area, as well.

Dollies. You will need to bring your own, as we do not provide them.

Food. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes and a bakery on the grounds. Off site, on The Esplanade, a few minutes walk away, there is a variety store, selling reasonably priced drinks and snacks. Good sandwiches are to be found on the grounds at The Brick Bakery.

Washrooms. There are many public washrooms on the grounds.

They can be found at Balzacs Café, on Case House Lane and Tank House Lane. There are also washrooms in the Case Goods warehouse.

Artfest Team is onsite for the duration of the show. The show information tent is set up by Balzacs Café. If you have any questions during the show, you can find one of us there at all times.

Team members: Lory MacDonald, Steve Veale, Ian Hearn, Al Hearn, Brenden Marshall, Calvin Ye and Shelley Hannah.

Lory’s Cell 705-812-2914

Customer Service

If you have any questions or trouble with the online application form, please contact Lory or 705-293-2787 anytime. We will respond promptly.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and do not share ANY of your personal information that is collected during the application process. Please refer to the contract on the application form for further details.