S. Cross Creations

Based in Marmora, S. Cross Creations specialises in easy wear, easy care women's clothing. Sharon Cross and her husband Randy manage the business that also supplies costuming for dance studios across the province. All designs for jackets, tops, pants, skirts and shawls are born on Sharon's cutting table and she maintains hands-on quality control of the manufacturing process.

Posted on June 5, 2019 .

Mike Desrochers Artist Blacksmith

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Mike Desrochers is an artist and blacksmith creating forged iron sculpture and functional, decorative home decor pieces. From Quadeville, Ontario, Mike crafts his sculptures in the same way that traditional blacksmiths would have worked. With a coal-fired forge, anvil and hammer, his materials are primarily discarded iron and steels reclaimed and repurposed from century farms and antiquated or obsolete industry. Many of his pieces will retain the telltale signs of their origins.

Mike is a retired outdoor adventure educator. For 35 years Mike taught kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and professional-level wilderness first aid and rescue course across the North America and abroad. It was his love for the natural environment, a fascination with living history and a respect for the traditional trades that led him to blacksmithing. This is what continues to inform his art and craft.

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Four Corner Art

Cory Beattie is an Ottawa-based mixed-media and abstract artist who creates primarily with acrylics, inks, concrete and resin. In recent years, his vision has grown to encompass many different styles, mediums, and themes, which have allowed him to explore new and exciting expressions. He offers a refined and sophisticated feel to his works through experimentation of balance, color, composition and texture. Cory's recent works focus more on playful color abstractions and movements by combining textures, glosses, resins and paint mediums.

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From Collingwood, Germinate offers a diverse collection of handcrafted wearable and functional art that brings together bohemian, vintage and organic qualities. The collection includes jewelry, textiles, housewares, photography, and an apothecary line created from local, organic and wild crafted herbs in hand infused oils.

All work is handmade from natural, reclaimed, upcycled, vintage, local, organic, fair trade and sustainable materials. Germinate proves that one can find beauty in simplicity, resourcefulness in items cast aside. It's an appreciation of the little details in our surroundings and that functionality, aesthetics and sustainability can co-exist.

Germinate Apothecary is never tested on animals & is free from additives, artificial and synthetic ingredients, fragrance oils, perfume, flavour, preservatives, solvents, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, dyes, sulphates and palm oil.

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The Wolves Den Creative Pottery

The Wolves Den Creative Pottery specialise in stoneware featuring Celtic and Heraldic designs. All pottery is handmade, hand etched and decorated by the Delisle Family.

Luc and Sylvie are well known for their useful and decorative pieces that can be found in homes all around the world. Pottery from The Wolves Den is food safe, dishwasher safe, microwaves and oven safe.

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Gary Barnett Art

Gary Barnett uses an innovative technique to create his abstract paintings. Rather than using the traditional brush or pallet knife, Gary has developed a technique using natural physical forces to control the paint. His goal is to re-create the intricate and complex patterns of nature, in a purely natural way, using the same forces that have created the all life in the universe.

Applying forced air, vibration, gravity, water and other chemicals to the paint, Gary seeks to work in harmony with the paint. Nurturing it and guiding it, but at the same time letting it evolve into its own form, he treats the paint as a living organism.

Artist Statement
When I first began drawing and painting, like most artists I was inspired and motivated by nature. I began painting trees, landscapes and people. I soon came to realize that whether I created abstract or real images, I was still simply imitating life, rather than actually creating natural beauty. From that point on, my goal has been to create art the way nature does.

I began developing my own style of painting, by combining principles of nature, art and science. I started using forced air, chemical interactions and natural forces to control the paint, as opposed to brushes, or other traditional painting tools. This technique was inspired by the way that nature creates natural beauty, for example frost on a window, rock formations or under water life forms.

I treat the paint as a living organism and like all forms of life, it needs to be nurtured as it evolves, grows and changes into something unique. The end result is somewhat unpredictable, just as life is. In essence, my goal is to create a natural event on the canvas, in a completely organic way, much the same way that nature creates the intricate and complex patterns throughout the universe.

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Cook's Gourmet / Hard Cider Kitchen

Dave and Sandy Cook have been making gourmet preserves for 20 years. Great for appetizers, BBQ, pasta and rice dishes, Cooks Gourmet used the healthiest natural ingredients. Tapenade, tapas, stuffed olives, herb blends, infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar products are vegan, gluten-free and/or sugar-free.

Cooks Gourmet -  Infused Olive Oils.JPG

“We personally make every jar”

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Verretigo is stained glass art. Lise Côté from Gatineau, Quebec is a Fine Arts graduate who is fascinated by the the limitless possibilities of glass. She has created a unique style bringing together the craft of stained glass, fused glass, glass painting and wire sculpting. She creates unique pieces of wall art and jewellery. Lise works with high quality fusion glass, recycled glass bottles or even glass fragments from a riverbed, each piece inspiring a new creation.

The glass itself, the stroke of a brush, a twine wire, from these emerge an impression, a figure is created, and magic erupts. Glass in itself can be illuminating with all its nuances, but by mixing it with other techniques, Lise has created true pieces of art.

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New Flair Accessories

Mary Ann Cooney has been sewing for more than 20 years. Based in Dorval, Quebec, New Flair Accessories creates hand sewn infinity scarves, snap on kitchen towels and crossbody purses.

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Colburn Art

From a deep love of nature and water, Heidi Colburn of Glenburnie loves using vibrant and powerful colours in her art. With pallet knives, she brings passion and depth to themes of sailing, flowers, landscapes and abstracts. Heidi's inspiration comes from photographs of her boys sailing all over North America as well her nature photography. It is a collaboration between the artist and the land and water she loves. She feels that the artistic exchange between the land and the artist opens up many opportunities.

About Heidi Colburn
Heidi Colburn was born in Cornwall Ontario in 1974. She grew up near water and a love or nature, after attending College in Ottawa Ontario, then her family moved to Kingston Ontario in 1996. She began to take more photographs of nature, water landscapes. This interest carried through as her children grow and began to be involved in sports. When illness forced her to leave her career, Heidi began her journey of teaching herself about art and abstract themes. In her normal life Heidi is structures and organized, the creativity of abstract art is very freeing to her an outlet for her ever changing life.

Heidi now lives in Glenburnie, Ontario.

Posted on May 31, 2019 .

Exposure Studio / IntrepidPhotographer.ca

Sean Carson of IntrepidPhotographer.ca takes unique adventure landscape photography with surreal and intriguing stories, giving you a glance at the world less known. Each photograph beckons your inner explorer gives you the feeling of inclusion. Each photograph has a story that unravels the curious nature of its existence. With his love for the outdoors, Sean welcomes you to enter his world and leave enlightened. Photographs are available in various sizes, including postcards, mounted prints and limited edition stretched canvas.

About Sean P. Carson
Sean P. Carson has been photographing nature, people and places since 1997, beginning with his first foray into the arts at 15 years old. With his first camera, a Pentax ME Super, he carefully curated his black and white film into surreal imagery, all the while learning the basics of the craft. Sean was accepted into George Brown College, Photography and Graphic Design program. As he worked on his craft, his love for photography grew into documentary principals, where he learned to apply the stories behind the photo creating a sense of place in each image. In 2010, Sean decided to expand his education and took a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Ryerson University, where he graduated with Honours. While at Ryerson, he opend his first trademark photography business, Exposure Studio, and worked with various clients that include Red Bull, VC Ultimate, Canadian Geographic and Environment Canada. One year after graduating, he built his Adventure Photography division of his company, known as IntrepidPhotographer.ca. Since then, he has been travelling around the globe, photographing and sharing his stories with viewers. Over the years Sean has received several awards, accolades and has been published in various magazines including Canadian Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Shutter Bug and JPFreak.

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Diana Coatsworth Design

Diana Coatsworth creates upscale casual and event womenswear that manages to combing comfort and elegance. All of Diana's designs show a high quality of craftsmanship that marries classic details to modern flair. These are easy, effortless, stand out pieces you will cherish for years.

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Ellie's Sail Bags

Ellie Clark from Kingston grew up sailing on Lake Ontario. She worked side by side with her sailmaker father, learning to sew sails and other parts of the craft. Today, Ellie creates one of a kind, funky, handmade sail bags from recycled sail cloth so they are water resistant and durable.

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Mad Cap Hats


Topping heads for over 32 years, Mad Cap Hats are the original handmade creations of Tori Capes, Certified Milliner. Mad Cap Hats are created in a lakeside studio near Westport, where the inspiration is cottage living, woodland creatures, sun, sand, trees and rocks! Mad Cap brand hats are handmade in small batches and selection is ever-changing.

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Cutting Boards by K.Jones

Handcrafted charcuterie and cutting boardsby K. Jones, designed and created to compliment the natural beauty of the various wood used. All knots are filled with food safe ART Resin and finished with mineral oil

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Wicked Gourmet Accents Ltd.

WG Product Shot (1).jpg

At Wicked Gourmet it's all about quality ingredients, exceptional value, Canadian made, great flavour and taste!

Wicked Gourmet is a Toronto-based sauce, condiment and spice company created in 1998 by Barbara and Ellis Burrows with the sole purpose of bringing a range of delicious gourmet products directly to the consumer. With their inspirational products, you have meal-making magic for every occasion. There are endless ideas for transforming meat, chicken, pork, seafood, tofu, veggies and more into "Feasts of Flavour". Treat yourself to the most incredible taste sensations you've ever experienced.

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Burnham Studios

For more than 25 years, Mark Burnham of Burnham Studios in Maberly has been handcarving wooden spoons, spurtels, candle sticks and walking sticks.

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Bailey Brown Pottery

Joy and love are crafted in each piece of pottery from Bailey Brown Pottery. For more than twenty five years in Roslin, Bailey Brown Pottery has been making functional porcelin based kitchenware and serving dishes.

Bailey Brown pottery has a unique look that comes from many years of experimentation. With 23 ingredients, applied in 6 separate glazes and stains, the look has an enduring appeal. All pottery from Baily Brown is created using traditional techniques including wheel throwing and hand building.

Posted on May 29, 2019 .

Sew Much Fabric

Handmade purses and bags inspired by you!

Amanda Broderick of Sew Much Fabric loves colour and design. Working with new and vintage fabrics, Amanda uses eye catching patterns to make gorgeous items that you will love. Upcycled purses, bags, totes and clutches are made from wool coats and skirts, kimono fabrics and leathers. Along with vintage fabrics, Amanda features a wide range of fabrics by designers such as Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. Everything is made with attention to beauty, durability and longevity. These pieces are a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates reuse, upcycled artistry and new and upcoming fabric designers.

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JDM-Jewelry Design by Mikki

Michele Bonutti of JDM-Jewelry Design by Mikki took up jewellery making after she retired. Studying silversmithing and lapidary work, she found her passion in designing and creating one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Michele sources her mineral pieces from reputable sources at shows or online. She cuts and polishes a cabochon from these pieces and then sketches a design that is inspired by and is the focal point of the piece. Using metals, including sterling silver, fine silver, gold-filled and copper, Michele brings the piece to life. Each unique piece of jewellery hallmarked with JDM's signature stamp and metal content.

A resident of Harrowsmith, Michelle teaches silversmithing and works with others through the Kingston Lapidary and Mineral Club. She also creates custom designs and can be commissioned for a unique piece.

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