Earth to Body


Earth to Body is a family oriented skin care business located on the shores of Lac St. Louis, in the West Island of Montréal and extends through family, all the way to Vancouver Island.

We are green because, like you, we care.

Earth to Body product recipes were originally developed with skin nutrition as the primary goal. All products are made from scratch and in small batches. Their line is a combination of natural products for normal skin health, skin problems and preventive maintenance and products for body, hair and bath.

Earth to Body's line includes vegan and gluten free products. They do not use sulphates, parabens, or polysorbates, fragrances, perfumes, dyes or harsh preservatives. Bar soaps are cold-processed, and range from simple castile to exotically nutritious.

Earth to Body celebrates Canada’s diverse population and uses both Canadian and other world products. Pure fair trade oils and butters come from countries where people wear nature’s gifts on their skins. Going green means appreciating nature.

Posted on May 1, 2019 .

Rosewell Woodworking

Rosewell Woodworking creates beautiful, one of a kind, wooden antique style hand grinders for coffee, pepper and salt. Randy seeks out unique wood or burls and upcycles many wood "cutoffs" that would that would otherwise be burned. This wood is all turned into unique, beautiful, one of a kind pieces that are fully functional and a beautiful addition to someone's kitchen. Each piece is made with care so that our customers truly have a one of a kind item.

About Randy Rosewell
Born and raised just outside of Parry Sound, Randy Rosewell has passionately pursued woodworking all his life. Throughout his career in Muskoka as a stonemason and woodworker, Randy is always working with his hands to design and shape wood into beautiful and unique pieces that people will love and appreciate.

Posted on May 1, 2019 .

Olio Eco

Olio Eco produces quality fashions for men and women that are good for you and the planet. Dedicated to sustainability, durability and organic style, Olio Eco has green on their agenda. From minimal waste in cutting (scraps go into amazing coats, sweaters, cushions and throws) to production done locally, they are focused on sustainability.

Jannis Ruck is a Canadian designer and fiber artist, happily creating organic and natural fiber clothing and home products from her studio in Toronto.

Posted on May 1, 2019 .

Blake Richardson - EarthArt

Blake Richardson has a strong connection to nature and his EarthArt imagery serves as an exercise to encourage and inspire all of us to stay open and receptive to our relationship with the natural world.

For his Earth Sculpture, Blake Richardson finds naturally shaped stones that inspire in him strong visions of animals, fairies, angels or other images. Using a minimal approach, Blake works with a fine brush and oil paints to enhance the features of the stone to bring out what he sees there. Driftwood cradles the stone for display. Using his camera to capture the natural forms of trees, clouds, water, Blake creates his Earthprints by minimally enhancing the photos with a fine brush and oil paints.

Artist Statement

When we are children our openness allows us to be receptive to seeing the magic in the world around us. You may recall looking to the sky and playfully imagining what you could see in the passing clouds. 35 years ago I began to explore the potential of imagery emanating from other natural forms like rocks, trees, water and fire. The possibilities seemed endless to me and uncharted. When I first embarked upon this journey I was unaware that it would lead me to develop a sensitivity and understanding of a relationship with nature that to this day enriches my life with a sense of connection and purpose.

I realize now that I was following in the footsteps of ancient visionaries seeking direction from nature in this way. Imagery emanating from nature has inspired many artists in the past and its origins lie at the very seed of the first art ever created by man on the surface of cave walls.

My EarthArt imagery serves as an exercise to encourage and inspire others to stay open and receptive to this side of themselves. I attempt to raise awareness that what we see is a refection of ourselves and when we see ourselves reflecting in nature we strengthen our connection to the Earth.

Posted on April 29, 2019 .

Garry Revesz Photography


After more than 35 years in the IT industry, Garry Revesz turned his attention to photographing wildlife - especially endangered species and animals at risk. He has a special interest in bears and they are the focus of one of his current projects. Gary feels that photographing wildlife all over the world, has its own natural reward, but nonetheless, along the way, his work has won national and international photo competitions and awards.

"I am at my best when out in nature making images of wildlife going about their daily business. I can think and see clearly what is happening to the world, and how essential it is that our species learn to share this planet with the other 8.7 million species. They are not the enemy."

Photography is a universal language that everyone understands, and is the ideal medium to show how we are responsible for the waste and devastation we have brought to our planet, not to mention that we have a small window in which to change our habits and allow earth to heal itself; or pay the price

Wildlife photography is unique in that the photographer has no control over the subject, lighting, weather or location, so capturing those “wild” images is a matter of careful planning and a lot of luck.

Gary says that Conservation Photography offers a wider scope, and can often have greater impact, and tells a more complete story. His goals are to promote conservation and education; issues surrounding climate change and global warming, all of which are having critical impact on our environment and wildlife.

Gary is painstaking about capturing a lot of detail in his images. His photographs are displayed primarily on metal plate, which is the best medium for bringing out the detail and colour depth of the images.

Posted on April 25, 2019 .

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co.

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. is a young, proudly Canadian company that evolved from the highly popular 25-year old catering firm Sprucewood Event Planning and Catering. Mark Pollard, founder and instigator is also known as “the big cheese”. Mark loves to create and serve a variety of small batch, high quality hors d’oeuvres selections to his corporate and private catering clients.

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co..jpg

One of these unique, savory snacks is Sprucewood's “cocktail cheddar cheese shortbread cookies”. A savory shortbread cookie, sugar free and made with 4-year old Canadian cheddar cheese. They taste cheesy and homemade, with a little zing at the end.

Sprucewood's goal is for responsible, sustainable production with a focus on green: no waste comes from their baking. Plus, Sprucewood gives back to our community through support to the Food Bank, Humane Society and Women In Crisis.

Sprucewood cookies make happy palates, plain and simple.

Posted on April 25, 2019 .


beadKRap was founded in 2004 by lampwork artist Karen Reece. The studio produces handmade lampwork (torchwork) glass beads. To make these beads, glass is melted by torch and wound around a steel mandrel. All beads are kiln-annealed for durability. Karen makes most of the silver and copper findings in her work as well.

About Karen Reece
Before relocating to Toronto, I was a studio artist in Colorado Springs, in both glass, and my original training, textiles. I have done fine arts/craft shows throughout Colorado, Michigan's UP and starting in 2017, shows throughout Ontario. I attended University in Toronto and subsequent coursework focused on colour and material development, fashion design and accounting. A primarily self-taught artist, my creations reflect my experience with fiber, my unique sense of color and include my lampwork beads.

Posted on April 25, 2019 .

D. Navarro Art


Diego Navarro is a 24 year old artist from Toronto. A recent graduate from the Graphic Design and Advertising program at the George Brown School of Design, he has been working as a freelance graphic designer and professional painter. Diego is inspired by 80s pop culture films, retro arcade games, and alternative movie posters. He is continually creating - painting, illustrating posters on his iPad, or maybe, catching a half price flick at the movie theatre. Providing quick and friendly customer service and creating quality products are important to him, so he can grow his business.

Posted on April 24, 2019 .

Lana's Delight Boutique

Lana's Delight Boutique offers a wide variety of beautifully handcrafted handmade soaps in unexpected shapes. Cakes, cupcakes, loofah soaps, luxury flowers soaps, canadian themes soaps and unique personalized party favours to suit a wide range of events from birthday parties to wedding showers. Their soaps are 100% vegetable based, SLS and SLES free and never tested on animals. All ingredients are certified vegan and use only highest quality essential and fragrance oils. Every piece of soap is unique, stylish and makes a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Lana Pitlevany fell in love with handcrafting as a child. Since then handcrafting has been a significant part of how she expresses herself. Born in Latvia, a very beautiful country on the shore of the Baltic Sea, Lana grew up in a culture of original folk art where she learned to create original works of her own. But it was when she came to Canada in 2011 that she realized she could work as an artist. She fell in love with soap art and has been sharing her passion for the art ever since.

Posted on April 24, 2019 .

KNV Studios

KNV Studios produces stunning works of functional art. Victor Raleza has been an woodturner for 11 years and creates live edge wooden bowls and classic salad bowls using various species of wood. he adds some food safe colour on the exterior of the bowl leaving the interior natural. While Victor's focus has been primarily on bowls, he is constantly reinventing himself by learning new techniques.

Posted on April 24, 2019 .

Jerome Maggiore

Jerome Maggiore was born in Italy but grew up in Ottawa. From an early age, he proved to have a natural ability for visual expression. After moving to Canada, he was encouraged by his teachers to pursue a career in the visual arts. He attended the specialized art program at the High school of Commerce in Ottawa where he learned and applied a variety of artistic disciplines. After high school, he painted full time and was represented by several commercial galleries. He was also represented in Montreal by a Quebec art agent who sold several of Jerome's paintings during this period. As he continued to paint and sell nationally as well as internationally, buyers included collectors from Canada, the United States, Italy, Mexico, and Peru.

In 1990, Jerome enrolled in the Creative Advertising program at Algonquin College. After graduating in 1992 with an advertising diploma, he moved to Vancouver with his family to pursue a career in advertising and commercial art. Out West, Jerome worked for several ad agencies and newspapers. He later moved back to Ottawa and continued his career in advertising. Two years later he permanently switched his focus to graphic design and continued to work for ad agencies and high tech companies in the capital. In 2000, he co-founded ImageBender Communications Ltd., a graphic/web design company; and in 2004, he started a solo graphic design business, Visual One Design. Jerome grew the business over several years, providing graphic design and marketing services to numerous successful Ottawa businesses and organizations.

While growing Visual One Design, Jerome continued being creative by developing original visual communication products for his clients. However, this wasn't enough. Jerome's passion for fine art was reignited and he began painting again and had his work represented by different galleries. Sales led to solo and group exhibitions which helped him get more recognition.

Today, Jerome is a full time artist. He uses various styles to express himself. He paints in oils, acrylics and mixed media and has recently adopted fine art photography as another means of visual expression. Although his styles and subject matter continue to evolve, he remains committed to the freedom of his artistic vision.

Artist Statement
You cannot make a blind person see a picture, but you can make that person feel a symphony and be moved by it. There is no doubt that music is art, art that we experience through senses other than our eyes, but we experience it nevertheless. For me, visual art should go beyond what one can see. I want the viewer to experience my work with more than just his eyes. The visual input is only the beginning of the dialogue between the work and the viewer. It is crucial that one takes the time to absorb what is in front of him in order to filter the work through his own experience and thus resulting in a unique and individual interpretation.

That is not to say that, as the artist, I do not have my own intention of what I want the work to express. I begin with a vision and use my skills to craft the image towards a direction to that end. Whether I choose painting or photography to accomplish my objective, my purpose is to produce a visual that takes the viewer beyond the ordinary, to have a visual experience that evokes emotion.

Each time I embark on a new project, I imagine the final image. If the picture in my mind creates a strong emotional feeling, call it inspiration or motivation, I begin my task towards making that vision a reality. Sometimes I do this by taking a photograph, then changing, adding or removing visual elements in order to create the desired effect. Other times the feeling I am trying to convey is better achieved by painting. Through colour, shape, texture, lines and other design elements, I create abstract expressions which capture the viewer’s attention and draw him into a dialogue with the work.

In the end, what matters to me is the experience one has with my work. If what one sees has made him feel, I have done my job as an artist.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Wooden Puzzle Name Canada

Wooden Puzzle Name Canada is a small family business, specializing in handcrafted wooden toys, with production in Toronto. They produce wooden name puzzles with alphabets in all languages, and they also make wooden doll furniture for Italian business partners. Their hope is that these beautiful wooden puzzles will make children of all nations happy. These quality toys will last forever and can be passed on to future generations.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

La Glasserie

Asem Nada comes from a family with a long tradition of glass artisans specialized in flame worked glass. His grandfather, a master glassblower himself, who was instrumental in helping Asem develop a passion for glass. Asem was trained in Northern Italy under the guidance of his grandfather and other teachers. Now, with 45 years of experience, Asem still enjoys watching the glass take shape. Colouring and annealing (firing in a kiln) add character and uniqueness to each piece and strengthens the glass. He strives for originality and maintains the high quality of his products by using the finest materials, such as Czech glass and 22 karat gold.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Galina Mikhaylova Felted Creations

Galina Mikhaylova creates unique felted scarves from her own designs. Her light felted scarves make beautiful accent pieces that are stylish and feminine. Perfect for day use or a special evening event. Galina has been working with the Nuno felting technique since 2014 and uses only high quality natural materials such as fine merino wool and silk. In the Distillery, Victoria Day Weekend, May 18-20.

Posted on April 22, 2019 .


An ice storm in Quebec and a lengthy blackout from downed hydro lines was a serendipitous moment for Christine McLaughlin of St-Jean de Matha. From necessity arose invention: the world’s first paraffin duck egg lamp! Coco-Lampe repurposes duck, goose and ostrich eggs into hand-painted oil lamps.

Posted on April 22, 2019 .

Jeelee Joolery

Are you tired of stunning, but flimsy jewelry?
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but quality should never be a compromise.

Jen and Karen McKee of Jeelee Joolery design and handcraft well-built jewelry that lets you focus on looking good. Semi-precious stones are carefully selected, clustered and hand wrapped with silver wire using Jennifer's unique style of wrapping. The McKees have designed and hand crafted each piece since 2002. Elegant and fun, all wrapped into one!

Posted on April 15, 2019 .

James W LePage

Fine artist James W. LePage works in watercolours and acrylics. His subjects favour the natural work, ranging from boating scenes to landscapes.

Born in Toronto and growing up in in Galt, Ontario, James graduated from Sheridan College in Illustration and Creative Art. He later studied at The New School of Art in Toronto. Jim has worked over the years as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. He is currently a Project Manager for an exhibit company building trade show exhibits and museum interiors.

Posted on April 15, 2019 .

Studiostone Creative

Do it yourself soapstone carving kits for ages 8+.

Making art and stimulating the mind-body connection is what it’s all about with Studiostone Creative. They are an artist driven company that specializes in creative processes and the benefits of hands-on learning. Their product award winning line of carving kits is a great experience that produces beautiful results.

Stone carving is a focusing, meditative art that both grounds and excites as stones come to life in your hands! With Studiostone's innovative all-ages stone carving activities, you can enjoy the benefits of this educational and healthy activity with minimal cost or clean-up!

Fun for everyone ages 7-97, these step-by-step soapstone sculptures make for an inspiring inter-generational activity you can do right at home. product lines adhere to best practices and ensure positive outcomes. Studiostone strives to consistently offer an outstanding product that provides not only a creative process, but also a treasured carving as the end product. This is the best soapstone carving kit on the market.

Teachers may be interested to know that Studiostone offers and in-school program for grades 3-6. Studiostone instructors to come into your classroom for a 90-minute step-by-step program that teaches your students the joy of 3D carving. Each student is guided through an easy to follow process to shape and polish and take home their own sculpture by the end of the day!

Posted on April 15, 2019 .

DejaVu Design

DejaVu Design is a clothing studio dedicated to the reinvention and recombination of garments and textiles. Vests, jackets, skirts, tunics, dresses, pants and a selection of unique wearable accessories are all upcycled in distinctive and creative ways. DejaVu uses about 50% recycled and 50% virgin materials to ensure a consistently high caliber of fabrics and products.

Born from a love of all things that promote individual style, and sustained by a desire to create environmentally friendly clothing, DejaVu Design creates funky and original garments for all ages, shapes, sizes and personalities. Step outside the fashion box and have some fun with recycled t-shirt skirts, hand printed graphics, linen dresses (always with pockets) and unique collars and hems.

The mainstream garment industry is not sustainable. DejaVu invites you to buy less but buy better. DejaVu Design looks at clothing like friends: it's not the quantity of friends you have, it's the quality."

About Designer Laura Levitt

The design, production, and philosophies are driven by the life experiences and stylish flair of DejaVu’s founder, Laura Levitt. Laura is passionate, inventive and driven about all things that promote individual style, with just the right amount of crazy to make it work.

DejaVu Design debuted in 2009 after Laura decided to finally ‘walk the talk’. With 15 years in international wholesale under her belt, Laura was inspired to create an environmentally and socially conscious company focused on recycling textiles. DejaVu Design aims to encourage an ethical lifestyle, where clothing reflects people’s personal values alongside their unique and funky selves via innovative design.

DejaVu Design is a fusion of Laura’s loves and inspirations, which include, but are not limited to: music, nature, photography, advanced style, spirituality, family & friends, heritage & history, vintage, and of course (the culture of) tartan.

Each piece celebrates individuality and the power of artistic and creative expression. Every piece goes through Laura’s hands, where her loves, especially for fashion, design, and quality garments are more than evident.

Posted on April 12, 2019 .

Robert Leaper Photography

Robert Leaper is a Toronto based nature photographer with a special affection for travel. Although he photographs mostly in Canada, he travels widely around the world capturing images that express his passion for the natural world. Robert's work hangs in private and corporate collections across Canada, the USA and Australia. His work has also been published in Canadian Geographic Magazine, Rockport Publications USA and Random House Australia.

Robert has studied under Canadian photographers Freeman Patterson and Andrew Collett, who have greatly influenced his work.

"As a photographer I try to capture a mood or feeling in my work.
Each image must stand on its own merits conveying a story while composition and light underpins a strong visual impact."

Posted on April 12, 2019 .