CLAUSTRO is the collaboration of husband and wife artists, painter Carol Currie and sculptor Stuart Leggett. Between them, they create "sculpted paintings" that represent their love of nature and adventurous trekking expeditions. Both self-taught artists, Carol and Stuart have been working collaboratively and professionally full time for over 20 years.


"Our goal is to produce tactile, sculpted paintings that invite an interpretive and intimate experience."

The composition of each piece is minimized from the original landscape, portraying the structural and geological form by emphasizing strong forms, line and contrast to create an intense yet meditative quality to the works. The work evokes an abstract and interpretative quality created by the disparity between starkness and hyperrealism.

Stuart begins the woodworking process by first creating a solid wood panel through an extensive process and method of laminating small strips of wood. Within the piece, he embeds an inventive, structural aluminum system to prevent warping, and cracking, purposefully done to create a mysteriously thin wood panel. The refined depth of the panel creates a sophisticated artscape; light enough to eloquently be placed on a wall. Once these steps are complete, Stuart then hand carves the wood, developing natural wood grain textures, which brings an organic essence to the artscape and compliments this textural component. Relief carving and sculpting shifts in planes that cast shadows within the painting. Stuart then carefully protects all surfaces to ensure the panel is of archival quality, and to create a stable and permanent foundation for Carol's paints. Carol will apply up to seven translucent layers of fluid acrylics to build illusionary depth in the painting, bringing the sculpture to life.

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Kul Werks Candle Lanterns

The reusable stained glass candle lanterns by Kul Werks began as an idea for partners Mindi and Mark Ferkul soon after they met in art school in the early 1980's. By 1995, with two decades of commercial art, corporate and retail business experience between them, their design-driven concept came to be fully realized. By incorporating current and classic elements from interior and industrial design, art & architecture and aspects of fashion and nature into their designs, their candles are an exquisite, award-winning and stylish collection of functional home décor, with every sublime piece rich with meaning. All lanterns are handcrafted with their own blend of waxes and select architectural stained glass. Compositions are a result of an appreciation of daily life: elements from nature, art, literature, the human spirit and their juxtaposition with light play. Kul Werks utilizes heritage artisanal "slow process" techniques to craft pieces in small batches, without the use of any machinery.

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Inspired by architecture, nature, colors, new materials or new techniques, Karizma handcrafts steampunk jewellery from brass, resin, wire, natural and crystal beads. Karizma uses both vintage and replica watch and clock parts, sometimes old ephemera such as a ticket stub or cancelled stamp that can be set in a pendant with epoxy resins. Steampunk pieces can be a collage of parts or lots of hanging charms, each one a unique crafted work of art.

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Elsie Chiu

Elsie Chiu is a self-taught artist working primarily with alcohol ink on a variety of synthetic papers and surfaces. Elsie uses heat to control and manipulate the natural flow and fluidity of the ink. This unique process allows her to create ethereal images that are vividly highlighted by depth, colour and movement. Her paintings are delicate, yet bold, playfully contrasting between light and dark. For Elsie, painting connects her to a deeper side, an emotional outlet and voice. Her inspiration and influences begin from everything she feels, sees, hears and experiences everyday.

Posted on March 26, 2019 .

Swimming Fox Studio

Swimming Fox Studio is an independent art studio in Hamilton, offering custom clay sculpture and printmaking designs. Emily Blythe is known for her amusing and sweet ceramic sculptures, creating whimsical critters that speak to people's lightheartedness and love of nature. Emily captures a humorous side in her work and includes small details that are discovered when you pick up and hold her objects. Her work is special because of the illustrative quality with bolder colours that delight young and old alike!

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Carmichael Meats


Carmichael Meats handcrafts a delicious selection of smoked meats, including summer sausage, pepperoni, jerky and mini salamis. Along with traditional smoked beef and pork products, Carmichael Meats also offer venison, kangaroo, bison and other specialty meats. Dougal Carmichael began his business in 1987 with specialty meats. They participate in approximately 50 trade shows, fairs, and special events during the calendar year, where an even larger selection of quality meats is available, in individual packages or in gift packs. Carmichael Meats continues to be owned and operated by Dougal Carmichael and family and remain committed to providing an excellent product with pride and dedication.

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Civic Trust

The name Civic Trust comes from two common words that represent our aesthetic and ideals: Civic: the rights and duties of citizenship. Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of someone or something.

Civic Trust's line of men's fashion is inspired by classic clothing design and accessories. Their line of shirts, cardigans, ties, bow-ties, pocket squares/hankies, suspenders, chopstick cases and axe/sledgehammer pendants are indulgent and crisp, with hand-crafted detailing and made from reclaimed or vintage fabrics. Craig and Ben have built a collection of fabrics, jewellery and trinkets by spending an "amazing amount of time" antique shopping and hunting. The Civic Trust line is a full range of sustainable, sharp, high quality clothing & accessories that are designed, sewed, silkscreened and confected in-house in Toronto.

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Toronto Illustrated

Christine Audit of Toronto Illustrated has lived in Toronto for many years, and loves the city. She is always amazed by the diversity of Toronto Architecture, and the constant growth and change of the city. Wandering, she photographs areas, neighbourhoods, iconic architectural structures, pubs, restaurants, and historic sites. She enjoys the juxtaposition of the new integrating with the old, as well as appreciating the history and beauty of all that Toronto offers. Using the photographs as inspiration, Christine completes a drawing using technical lead pencils. Each illustration takes from eight to twelve hours to complete. After the illustration is printed on heavy card stock, Christine hand colours each print individually using a highly light-fast illustration marker. This ensures that each piece will be an original work of art. Christine is an award winning artist and is thrilled to offer her collection of illustrations and paintings of her beloved city.

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Glass By Jo

Glass By Jo, creates artisanal quality, fused-glass home decor and jewelry. The technique of glass fusing involves stacking, or layering thin sheets of glass, using different colors to create patterns or simple images. The piece is then placed inside the kiln and heated until the separate pieces begin to fuse together. Every piece is handmade with great care in Jocelyne's Whitby, Ontario studio. They are unique and very durable, to be enjoyed for years to come.

Posted on March 20, 2019 .

Jexy & Jax

Jexy & Jax is a mother-daughter team with a combined passion for Canadian made apparel. Their inspiration for Jexy & Jax designs came from a desire to create beautiful Canadian made garments that are classic and flattering to women of all ages.

Using local sewers to manufacture garments, only natural and sustainable fabrics are used. Jexy & Jax has been producing their garment line for nine years. Jackie has more than 30 years of experience designing and creating women's wear, while daughter Jessica backs their customer service and marketing with 10 years of sales experience. Jexy & Jax meets the needs for a wide demographic of women, because they understand what women really want when it comes to building a sustainable wardrobe. Together they have engineered a collection that appeals to many.

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Shirley Brigden

Travel photographer Shirley Brigden is always looking for a new place to visit. As techniques and technology develop, she adapts these new skills into creating fine art photography that her clients love. With a university degree in the arts and technical skills learned at college, Shirley is always looking for new ideas to incorporate into her work. While her focus continues to be on the old walled towns in Europe, she will be showing new work from her most recent adventures in Chile and Antarctica!

Posted on March 18, 2019 .

Therese Boisclair

A native of Trois Rivières, Thérèse Boisclair is an international artist, whose monolithic works thread together conceptual practice with material practice, excavating memory and lived experience in order to distill the essences of these immaterial events into translucent images that glow, vibrate, and reverberate together in unexpected and magical way.

From fragile tissue paper and the movement of colour, emerge fluid and luminous landscapes. Thérèse Boisclair creates paintings that depict the unique atmosphere reminiscent of abstract landscapes that inspire us in the maze of our own imagination.

Fine art painting, abstract landscapes and functional art pieces in the Distillery, Victoria Day Weekend, May 18-20

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Aiyana Jewelry

Aiyana Jewelry handcrafts a line of Intention Jewelry that gives others hope, courage and strength on their journey. Designed and handmade by Brittney Cassidy in her Toronto studio space, all materials are of AAA quality and are all handpicked and sourced locally. Collections include semi-precious gemstone and sterling silver intention bracelets; forgiveness bracelets; dainty sapphire, semi precious gemstones and sterling silver necklaces; as well as hand knotted, crystal wrapped malas. Reiki is performed on all pieces upon completion. Each piece comes with a downloadable meditation that coincides with each piece providing extra support for each person on their journey.

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Véronique Besançon

Montreal artist Véronique Besançon's paintings explore the theme of the meeting place, the encounter. A subject she has always found to be both passionate and transforming.

Véronique Besançon’s work discovers the humanism emerging from people and urban ambiance while reviving her multicultural awareness. Mixing her own pigments, she has developed a palette of colors which combine the warm textures of the Mediterranean with the intense tonalities of Eastern Europe. Bringing forward these vivid tones and toying with the materials, Véronique Besançon engages a dialogue between form and space, texture and transparency, subject and environment. Abandoning herself to rapid and delicate gestures, she creates an intensity that is characteristic of the dynamism in her compositions. Contact with the canvas produces a visual narrative, a history of intractable strength, of gentleness and of humanity. Her work is a product of emotion where expression is purged of its past meaning and where the visitor can interpret it from their own personal perspective.

About Véronique Besançon
Montreal-based, self-taught artist, Véronique Besançon follows the traditions of the European movements in the early 1900s. Of Jewish Hungarian and Russian, French heritage she was raised in France before immigrating to Canada in 1997.

Always surrounded by art, Besançon has experimented with writing, contemporary dance in Paris, theater in the south of France and for the last ten years, with the visual arts. Her paintings, a reconstruction of her personal journey, are inspired by the multiple paths taken through life. Always present in her paintings, the freedom of movement and thought are visually expressed by her rich mixed Mediterranean and eastern European palette of colors and varied brush strokes. She developed her own and original expressionist style.

In 2008, Besançon presented her work for the first time and discovered the pleasure of sharing and discussing her work with the public. Since then she has shown her work in more than hundred exhibitions, in solo and group shows, in Quebec, New-York, Brazil and China. Her artwork is now in many private collections in Europe, USA and Canada.

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Solid Leather

Premium leather belts from Solid Leather start with the promise: This belt is going to last you a lifetime. That guarantee is backed with 15 years of experience in leather work, a commitment to excellent materials and an eye for design. The workhorse of anyone's wardrobe, we expect belts to perform far more than any other piece of fashion. They have to complement your day-to-day living while easily adapting to those occasions when dressing up calls for a subtle accent of individual style. Fashionable and functional, Guaranteed.

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Artfest 2019 Show Applications are Open!

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed a well-deserved holiday break.

Artfest is ready for the 2019 show season. 2018 was an exciting year for us with the launch of our first Christmas show and we are looking forward to another year of record attendance at our Artfest events. We are committed to working together for every artist’s success.

Application deadlines are earlier this year and start on February 15th. We have ONE easy application for all our shows. A $100 refundable deposit is required for each show. Please submit your application for the following shows as soon as possible, as the jury process is already underway:

  • Artfest Toronto at the Distillery May 18-20, Victoria Day Weekend

  • Artfest Kingston June 29 - July 1, Canada Day Weekend

  • Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Aug 30-Sept 2, Labour Day Weekend

  • Artfest Kingston Christmas Art & Craft Show, Dec 5-8

Application Guidelines and pricing are available here.


Lory and the Artfest Team

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49th Apparel


49th Apparel is a Canadian Company that has been designing and producing quality apparel, mainly sleepwear, in a small workshop in Sault Ste. Marie, since 1992. Loving the Northern nature and caring deeply about reducing our footprint on the environment, 49th Apparel's sleepwear for men and women is locally produced with quality natural fabrics and sustainable fashion practices.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Moore Design Bird Feeders


Moore Design Bird Feeders creates custom designed and hand-built brass and glass bird feeders designed to be window mounted or anchored in your garden, yard or deck. All products are made with the best quality glass and brass purchased from Canadian companies to ensure your bird feeder will keep its strength and integrity over time. Got a bird lover on your list?

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

RJB Infuzion Inc.

SCALED 20180309_113600.jpg

From RJB Infuzion Inc. comes 100% natural healthy dips, made from dehydrated herbs and vegetables. All products are gluten free, sugar free, salt free and MSG free. Perfect for parties and family get togethers.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.