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Aeslava Photography

Alfonso Eslava dedicated his career to tropical medicine. After he retired, his attention was caught by light colours and shapes of nature. From Mississauga, Aeslava Photography works with digital media to express the beauty of our world.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Photographic Art @ Artfest Toronto

Celebrating the Arts in Ontario!
— Artfest

Artfest proudly hosts six successful art and craft shows, yearly - in Ontario.  The jury process is tricky with so many talented artists and artisans across Canada applying to exhibit in our renowned shows. We thank each and every applicant and encourage creativity in the arts where ever you may go! 

Artfest features a collection of photographers who use various techniques including enhancing lighting or using specialized filters or lenses. Drop in to their booths and ask them about their adventures photographing art!  

View a sneak peak of some of their stunning photographic art below: 

Photographers at Artfest Toronto:

Ezio Molinari

Sean Carson

Jerry Maggoire

Lorie Slater

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery

Artfest Toronto hosts two outdoor art and craft shows one in the spring and the other just around the corner on Labour-day weekend from Aug 31st to Sept 3rd. Celebrating painting, photography, sculpture, fine craft, live music and more from Canada’s top artists, you won't want to miss the last Artfest show of 2018. Set throughout the cobblestone lanes of the Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto. FREE admission.

Fall Fine Art & Craft Show

Aug 31- Sept 3, 2018 (Labour Day Weekend)

11am to 6pm daily

Live Music 12pm-6pm, DAILY

Artfest Kids: free art workshops all weekend

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Photographers at Artfest Toronto!

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Historic District was a hit this past Labour Day long weekend! So much fun was had by all and we couldn't be more thankful in supporting Canadian photographers, artists, artisans, gourmet food specialists, art teachers and musicians for all their hard work.  Thank you to everyone for coming together for the final show of the season. There was something for everyone at Artfest Toronto.

We showcase all kinds of interesting art and craft gifts at Artfest as well as a selection of fine photography.  Hopefully you were lucky enough at grab a piece to bring home to add to your home decor.  In case you missed all of our shows this year, plan to come and join in on the fun for one of next year's Artfest Ontario shows.

Four Artfest show events:

Artfest Toronto ~ spring & fall at the Distillery

Artfest Port Credit

Artfest Kingston

Take a look at our slideshow below to view some of the Artfest photo specialist vendors that exhibited their photography. Such amazing works, unique effects and one of a kind, visual works of art.



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New Travel Images by Kleno Photography

This is a series of new images that were taken in Nepal by Patrick Klauss from Kleno Photography.

Patrick Klauss was born in 1971 in Lucerne, Switzerland to Czech parents who sought political asylum in the West. In 1981, Patrick’s family moved to Toronto, where he still lives, works, and pursues his artistic endeavors with his photography business, Kleno Photography.

Patrick has traveled extensively and has always been drawn to "sacred spots" around the world. His photographs document his journeys. Patrick has exhibited his photographic art in numerous art shows around the Greater Toronto Area including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Toronto Art Expo. He has also exhibited in Prague, Czech Republic. In the 2012 International Photography Awards, his work "Lamayuru" was selected as one of the Top Country Picks for Canada (2nd place).
Patrick produces fine art photography prints that range in size from 5x7 to 24x36. His work encompasses various printing mediums, including metal prints, silver gelatin, black and white prints, and colour giclee prints. Patrick also produces hand-printed silk-screened t-shirts.  The t-shirt designs are based on photographs he has taken.

Be sure to visit Patrick and see his incredible images from his adventures around the world in booth E4 on Gristmill Lane at Artfest Toronto at the Distillery District on Sept 1-4, 2017.

Sean Carson- Intrepid - prepares for Artfest

New photographic prints for Artfest Toronto. The New Zealand glacial mountain view will be printed on a 6 foot long canvas and a couple of new photographs that will see their first release on Labour Day weekend.


Garry Revesz focuses on Wildlife Species at Risk

Garry Revesz's Wildlife and Nature photography focuses on "Species at Risk" whenever possible.  Find his work at the Distillery District this Labour Day weekend from Sept 2nd to 5th at Artfest Toronto.

Garry's Story:

As a kid, I was always most attracted to the outdoors, nature, industrial design, drawing, photography and of course, wildlife.  You know, the right brained stuff. Through my own companies, I was involved for over 35 years in software design and applications for small business.

However, I had enough of the business world, and an urge to follow my passion for nature! Wildlife photography was swelling up inside me. As an animal lover, I was becoming more anxious about the plight of wildlife and the poaching and senseless killing of animals was weighing heavily on my mind.  "Something has to be done," I thought. 

I felt I could somehow contribute to the growing need for education and awareness, and use photography as my ambassador to voice my concerns. Photography has been good to me, and for me. I have won many local photo competitions, several international competitions, and I have been published, even though my focus to this point has been on studying and photographing.

Garry Revesz, Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Visit Garry's website here and see you all at Artfest Toronto!

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Morgan Jones creats Photorealistic Watercolour Art

MorganJones_The Returning (32 x 32).jpg

Morgan Jones creates photography based artwork affixed to birch board with resin and/or varnish added as well as paint, charcoal, pencil, metallic leaf, washi tape and other antiquing mediums.

Morgan is a mixed-media artist, living and working in Toronto, Ontario. In August of 2013, Jones decided to pursue his lifelong passion and left his position of twelve years with a large multi-national consumer electronics manufacturer to launch a full-time career as a professional artist. This former Director of Sales is self-taught.

Inspired by the casual observation of the people and life around him, his work is constantly evolving, guided by his tendency toward patience, observation, perseverance and, quite simply – effort. His philosophy embraces ‘trial and error’ which he believes are wonderful teachers.

Continually looking to incorporate new ideas and mediums, Jones follows a multi-step process when creating his mixed-media art. With a keen eye for texture, design and composition, coupled with a whimsical flare, Jones creates works that are aesthetically engaging while also evoking a visceral response in the viewer.

The World's Sacred Spots in Photographs - Kleno Photography

Patrick Klauss was born in 1971 in Lucerne, Switzerland to Czech parents who sought political asylum in the West. In 1981, Patrick’s family moved to Toronto, where he still lives, works, and pursues his artistic endeavours with his photography business, Kleno Photography

Patrick has traveled extensively and has always been drawn to "sacred spots" around the world. His photographs document his journeys. Patrick has exhibited his photographic art in numerous art shows around the Greater Toronto Area including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Toronto Art Expo. He has also exhibited in Prague, Czech Republic. In the 2012 International Photography Awards, his work "Lamayuru" was selected as one of the Top Country Picks for Canada (2nd place).

Patrick produces fine art photography prints that range in size from 5x7 to 24x36. His work encompasses various printing mediums, including metal prints, silver gelatin, black and white prints, and colour giclee prints. Patrick also dabbles in hand-printed silk-screened t-shirts, which are designed based on photographs he has taken.

Patrick is a new Artfest Toronto exhibitor and his collection of fine photographs are drawn from secret spots around the world!  We welcome him with open arms and hope you do too. See his photographic art from Sept 4-7th at Artfest Toronto!

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Fall Colours Photography Workshop begins in September!

In the News:

Artfest Exhibitor Bob Gallagher is ramping up for his Fall Colours Photography Workshop - taking place at Muskoka’s Hidden Valley Resort this September!

Registration is quickly coming to a close for Bob's Fall Workshop.  Spaces are filling up - Bob only has two spaces left! The event runs from September 27 to October 2, 2015. 

Looking to get away and learn more about photography at the same time? Bob Gallagher invites all photographers to hop on board and join in to learn about exposure, enhancement and presentation.

The Fall Colours Workshop is ideal for amateur photographers of any skill level. Bob has structured this workshop to be accessible to almost everyone. The curriculum is dynamic with the course material adapted to match each student’s aspirations. Since Bob has taught forty semesters of University photography, he is equipped with a vast resource of materials to draw upon. The week’s theme is “Create, Refine, Share.”

The course registration is only $597 (all fees are plus HST) and if you register before April 30, 2015 you will receive an early bird rate of just $497. To say thank you for registering each participant will receive a complimentary photo print of their favourite work from the Workshop. Your choice of a 20 x 30 canvas gallery mount print or a 24 x 36 print on Epson Cold Mount archival paper. That’s part of the share in our theme Create, Refine, Share. You can hang your photograph at home to share with your friends.



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Lorie Slater Photography

Photographers Words:

"Late in 2012 I said goodbye to the Music Industry I had spent so many years in. I decided that I would pursue a life chasing my passions. One of those passions is photography, and what I love to photograph most is Toronto.

I prefer alternative ways of mounting and printing photography… mostly wood mounted and resin covered or printed directly on metal. I display my photos mainly in 2 ways...

1) photos printed on metal 2) mounted on wood and covered in resin"

Lorie will be exhibiting her fine original photography at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend!  

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Functional Photography by Kristensen-Smith Company

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Fine Art Show Sept 4 - 7th


Principal photographer Melissa Kristensen-Smith has been involved with photography since the age of twelve when she was given her first camera. Travel and Fine Art prints are her passion. Seeing new places and faces excite her as she sees the stories each shot will tell.

Her partner of twenty-five years, Andre Smith, combines his talents for design and upcycling to create furniture and decor pieces. Each piece features photographic art within one-of-a-kind functional furniture pieces. Desks, dressers, coffee tables and even bars. For those who want their home or office to stand out check out their Decor Section.

If you share their passion for the unusual and enjoy looking at the world from a different perspective, Kristensen-Smith Photographic Art wants to work for you.

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Strok Enterprises' beautiful vision at Artfest Toronto

We take pictures to record our personal vision of the world
— Evgueni Strok

Photography is my passion! I am blessed to be one of those people who love what I do and do what I love! I just love photography and my inspiration comes from capturing those special moments of our beautiful nature.

Find Strok Enterprises Inc. at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day weekend from Sept 4 - 7th!  

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Portrait of a Photographer: Shirley Brigden

Photographers Story:

"I am a Windsor based photographer with a passion for travel, photography and for participating in art shows. I love to travel and photograph around the world, accompanied by my husband Michel. We are always looking for new locations to introduce to our shows, in fact three of our new locations were suggested by clients, Sicily, Puglia and Abruzze.

We have been selling photographs at shows for 13 years now. With our British and French heritage, we both have a love for Europe, in particular the old walled towns, with the ancient architecture and the old cobblestone alleys.

The colour and texture of the old stone and stucco inspires me, and when you look at the images, you are drawn into the scene. Another of our loves is Africa, we have travelled 5 times to Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, countries we have fallen in love with. The American Southwest was added to the list as it reminds us very much of Africa, with the red rock, the colours of the desert, and the wide open spaces with fresh air."

Shirley Brigden

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Portrait of a Photographer ~ Shirley Brigden

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Fine Art Show 2015

Shirley Brigden is a Windsor based travel photographer who combines her passion for photography with her passion for travel.  Shirley and her husband Michel try to take a major trip every year to ensure they have new work to show in their booth. 

Shirley has fallen in love with the old medieval walled towns of Europe and has much of that work on display.  They also have photographs from their trips to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, the US Southwest, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. 

Many of Shirley's photos are printed onto canvas, gallery wrap style, which has proven to be very popular;  with her 44" pro printer, she can print large pictures that can be ordered to your custom size.  Shirley and Michel have been participating in art/craft shows for the past 10 years around Ontario.  Find them at Artfest Toronto.

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David Jenkins Photography - fine art photographs at Artfest!


Artist's Words:

I have been taking photographs on and off since age 8, starting  with a used box brownie! Now over 40 years later after a progression of 35mm slide and film cameras I have moved on to a high resolution Nikon camera and do limited post processing using editing software. Using these tools I try to share the atmosphere of the places I visit in the images I create.

I am based in Dundas, Ontario but travel in connection with my day job in information technology and have the opportunity to take landscape photographs across the country. 

Images are printed with archival ink and paper by Jonathan Groeneweg at Smokestack Studios in Hamilton, and mounted to museum standards by Hugh and Sherri at Martin's Fine Art Services in Dundas.

My new book is published through Blurb books on quality paper, hardback with dust jacket to produce a work that compliments the fine art photography.

It is important to stop and be still for a few minutes each day to enjoy the beauty that is around us.
— David Jenkins
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Portrait of a Photographer ~ Bob Gallagher

Photographer's Words:

After thirty years of creating film-based photography, today I work exclusively in digital imagery. Most of my images are printed on exhibition canvas although I don’t hesitate using fine art photography papers if the image calls for it. The bulk of my work consists of landscapes, abstracts and macro photography.

Having said that, I do have portrait work in the National Archives. I personally produce my photographs from the original capture through to hanging on the wall. Some people may call that process a control freak. I prefer to say that I take great personal care in the entire process from exposure to framing because each step is important to me and to my patrons. The images are created from Canada and around the world on my travels. Work intended for the 2014 shows will include imagery from North America, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

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Hanna V. Art: Art for EVERY room!

Hanna V. offers affordable artwork for every room. Kids, kitchens, and more.

Hanna V. Art is the creative collaboration of Michele & Kevin Viner. He takes the pictures, she frames them.  

Michele also creates the illustrations. Kevin has been creating photographs for over 20 years. In contrast to his commercial and fine-art work, this body of work is comprised of smaller pieces. These reproductions are perfect for kitchens, bath, dining rooms and kid's rooms;  everywhere and anywhere. 

Prints are made on a Canon printer with Lucia inks and printed on smooth cotton 230gsm paper, or a raw, 7oz white canvas.

Visit their site:

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The Story of a Photographers Travels

I want to capture the beauty, out of something that is mundane. Every day I see the beauty of ordinary and often unnoticed subjects. It can be the subject’s shape or form, colour or pattern, disposition or mood what catches my eye.
— Iris Van Loon - IRISZ Photography

IRISZ photography is inspired by the desire to hard copy all the beauty that comes in front of photographer, Iris Van Loon's,  lens. Perhaps this motivation is rooted in her travels, which began at an early age.

Iris Van Loon was born in the Netherlands and growing up, her navy family moved every three years. When Iris was 12 years old, she lived on the Island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, where she bought her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic. 

From that time on, photography has been her passion. Once she left home, she kept on moving, and in her twenties she lived in the Middle East for four years, after which she backpacked for months through Southeast Asia before settling down for eight years on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

In 2004, Iris moved to Kingston with her Canadian husband. Iris would call herself 'an intuitive photographer with an impulsive bent, so her work is not entirely consistent; rather, it reflects a wide variety of different themes. It is what catches her artisic eye and the lens of her camera at that one moment in life.

You will find IRISZ Photography exhibiting at Artfest Kingston this Canada Day long weekend so be sure to stop over to her booth to check out her journey of work that includes a magnificent collection of photographic pieces.

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May Is Photography Month~ Artfest Celebrates Our Talented Photographers!

Artfest presents a number of Canada’s top photographers. You will find gorgeous landscapes, portraits and travel shots. Many of us take shots with our cameras, and capture some good ones occasionally. But nothing compares to what a professional photographer can create with their vast experience and knowledge of lenses, lighting, composition and having ‘the eye’ for a great image. Then they take it another step, transforming it into photographic art in the dark room or by using computer graphics. Need I say more…..behold this sampling of what Artfest has to offer in photography for 2015.

 Photograhers: Jim Seaton, Shirley Brigden, Annette Seip, Dave Jenkins, Hans Backer, Melissa Kristensen-Smith, Evgueni Strok

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