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CW Metal Design

For Ron Wettlaufer, it all began when his daughter needed four metal oblelisks for her wedding. A project manager for 35 years, Ron decided act on a passion that had laid simmering for years and created the oblelisks his daughter desired. When he retired in 2014, Ron took up metal art full-time. As CW Metal Design, Ron finds inspiration from many sources and likes to incorporate other materials such as glass, stone, marble and recyled or found objects.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Metal Mind Forge ~ Kyle Thornley

Blacksmith artisan, Kyle Thornley - will be exhibiting his metal artwork at our Artfest Port Credit show, May 26th- 28th!  

Kyle Thornley has been in both the artistic and architectural blacksmiths field since 2005 with the establishment of Metal Mind Forge in 2009.  Through commissioned works, functional pieces, architectural metalwork and exhibitions, he is deeply committed to the practice. Kyle finds blacksmith work totally engaging with both the intellectual and physical demands – visualizing a goal, establishing the creation process, and acting on that plan with a mind open to alterations and innovations in form.

This progression requires handling multiple images in rapid succession: the fire, the plasticity of the iron, the feel of the hammer, and the expectations for shape – a process that is both exciting and sustaining. 

Kyle uses both traditional techniques and modern processes to maximize the properties and integrity of the steel; the design possibilities with metal are infinite. When working with fire, manipulating the material, feeling the weight and textures, all senses are connected to the matter and the process.  This is when Kyle feels he fully understands the historic roots of blacksmithing’s in the human experience.

Kyle’s belief in the power of community to effect change is mirrored in the generous spirit of the global blacksmithing community through which he has incorporated knowledge and resources from master smiths around the world with his own individual study and experimentation.  Kyle has a strong commitment to share this rich and historic practice.

Each forged creation by Kyle Thornley of Metal Mind Forge is distinctive with unique features of texture, size and finish.  The blacksmithed metal designs range from traditional to contemporary highlighting the endless compositional possibilities of heat and hammers bringing life to industrial steel.  The products extend from functional to fine art  - from forged candle holders, shelving, fireplace tools to garden sculpture, art vessels, contemporary sculpture.

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