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Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly upcycles clothes found lurking in the darkest corners of the thrift store or rummage sale and reinvents them into fashion accessories or home decor items, diverting waste and lessening the environmental impact on our earth.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Arrowsmith Leather

1)Arrowsmith Stroll x 3, Black w Purple, Black w Green, Tan w Black.jpg

Arrowsmith Leather products are made from natural cowhide, with textured leather accents added. A wide variety of thin to thick hides provides for strength, comfort and flexibility. Bags are lined with durable fabric & double stitched during assembly.

Construction includes asymmetrical designs, negative cutouts, applique, lamination, bold colours & textures with attention to decorative stitching and trim. Brown, black and tan belts are created from thick cowhide in different widths and lengths. Each is hand cut with beveled edges and incorporate interchangeable buckles.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Portrait of an Artisan ~ Atelier Du Presbytere

Check Atelier Du Presbytere out at

L'atelier Du Presbytere is a company bringing all their materials from France (Provence) and giving them a second life as vintage housewares linen.

The items are created with a rustic style that is easily washed and one of a kind.  The concept is unique and individually created using antique fabrics, mostly linens.  Words are printed with an embroidery sewing machine using a stencil transfer.

“L’histoire des créateurs de L’Atelier du Presbytère commence par une passion, celle qu’ils ont l’un pour l’autre d’abord, et celle de la brocante ensuite.”
— Marie Louise Arnal. Votre maison votre jardin. Fevrier Mars 202
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Jillian's Bare Madness brings travel alive through her handbags, and postcards!

Jillians Bare Madness is an artist creating hand made postcards and accessories out of hand drawn maps from the entire globe.

Find your favourite destination place, homeland or place where you were born and put it to use, daily.  These functioning purses and handbags are unique, fun and one of a kind! 

Jillian will be showcasing her stunning map creations at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend, from Sept 4-7.  See you at the show!

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Hobo's Designs by Renee Morris available at Artfest Kingston!

July 1st-4th - Canada Day long weekend - Hobo's Designs will be exhibiting their collection of 'funky cross-body hobo bags and stylish up-cycled clothing.

Hobo's Designs is your primo destination for funky hand-made hobo bags and uncycled clothing!

The artisan, Renee Morris, combines high-quality craftsmanship with a wide array of colours and fabrics to make these amazing, one of a kind, textile creations.  These bags are reversible, machine washable and ready for any type of adventure.

The Hobo's Designs collection includes:

  • Slouchy beanies
  • Zipper Tees
  • Skirts
  • Hooded Cowls
  • Dresses
  • Hobo Bags - cross body, hippie bags, vegan bags
  • Up-cycled Hats
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Boko: The art of beaded purses!

Hand knit vintage inspired glass beaded evening bags created by artisan, Jacqui Uza - featured at Artfest Port Credit.  For a night out on the town or to use as your daily hand-bag, Boko designs one-of-a-kind purses for all likes and styles!!

Artisan's Words:

"As creator and designer of these vintage inspired evening bags, my lifelong pursuits of jewellery design, history, travel and knitting have all conspired to turn a "hobby" into a worldwide business involving fashion and art.

These interests would lead me to a second career involving gemological studies and jewellery design and inspire me to perpetuate the 18th century art of bead purse design. My wish and hope is that these vintage stylized purses will become heirlooms,as have their predecessors, well into the 21st century."

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Carnival of Kitsch rescues fabrics of the past!

Kathryn Smythe is a crafts person creating old fashioned new things. From her 1934 toaster to her 1962 Ford Galaxie hot rod, she revels in the workmanship and ethos of days gone by. Kathryn has adopted from this earlier time a commitment to craft with integrity as she brings her unique sense of style, pattern, design and value to each found material.

Smythe revives fabrics from the 1940's to the 1970's and creates beautiful modern accessories. 30 years of craft based industry experience in Toronto, a lifetime of sewing and her obsession for vintage items come together culminating in her particular vision. Kathryn left the city of Toronto in 2014 to pursue her passion full-time. 

Carnival of Kitsch rescues the fine fabrics of the past and refashions them into stylish, practical accessories for the present. From concept through design each piece is hand made from repurposed vintage (1940's-1970's) curtains, upholstery, cushion covers, tablecloths and other forgotten fabrics of everyday life. All designs begin with an idea, progress to a sketch and are then developed into a full working pattern. 

Fabric is selected and cut individually for each object, allowing greater care to be taken when highlighting the most delightful sections of these unique remnants of textile history. Once all the pattern pieces are cut they are then meticulously sewn into the final object. 

The last stage is to attach the finishing elements, snaps, straps, handles and other embellishments such as vintage buttons and trims. All aspects of production including sourcing the vintage materials, pattern design and drafting, fabric selection, cutting, stitching and finishing are performed by me. The product line includes messenger bags, hand bags, shoulder bags, fabric wrist cuffs, cosmetics and toiletries.

Find Kathryn at Artfest Port Credit, from May 29 - 31! 

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Carmen Caldwell showcasing upcyled bags at Artfest Port Credit!

About the Artist:
Born in Transylvania, We raised as free spirist. Love, family, freedom, school and nature were Carmen Caldweill's feeds.

As a professional, Carmen chose to be an aeronautical engineer.  What is that?  You ask...
Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of engineering concerned with the research, design process, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft and spacecraft. 

Carmen worked in research and at an airline. One of her hobbies included sewing. Carmen has been actively sewing since the early age of five!  When she met her husband, she left her home and accompanied him around the world.

So far, the couple has resided in more than 10 countries!

Thus, her ethnic Romanian inheritance was enriched enormously. Carmen's sewing quickly became an expression of the inside tumult, of the dual character of her lifestyle which involved the need of functionality and beauty in a dynamic surrounding.

Carmen has always strived to create unique textile products, mostly clothing, appealing to each community which she has lived in. That proved Carmen has a lot to offer! Abstract and practical worlds are both comfortable spaces for her. She uses them daily and is defined by them.

Carmen is rigorous and a perfectionist by profession with a practical and functional approach as a producer.  She is spontaneous, original, vibrant and daring as an artist. Quality, efficiency and ecology are standing matters in her work. 

Visit her booth at Artfest Port Credit and feel free to ask her about her travels!  See you at the show, from May 29 - 31!

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Inuit inspired Artwork at Artfest!

Inunoo artwork inspired by the Inuit Culture!

Inunoo ~ Wearable Inuit Art|Carpets, Scarves, Ties & Handbags

Inunoo – pronounced ee-noo-noo – means “of the Inuit people”. The igloo shaped symbol is a graphic version of how the word is written in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit. All the colourful designs on inunoo’s product line are styled from original drawings created by Inuit artists in Cape Dorset in the Canadian Arctic.

A Bit About Inunoo Art:

For generations, Inuit artists have made carvings and drawings of the birds, beasts, and fishes with whom they share the frozen Arctic environment. In the Inuit imagination, these animals – walruses, seals, polar bears, Arctic owls and others – often assumed heroic proportions and from these developed a unique Inuit folklore based on the fantastic deeds of these legendary creatures.

Today, collectors everywhere prize Inuit art. The designs appearing on inunoo products are reproduced exclusively by Inunoo & Associates on a royalty basis under license from Dorset Fine Arts, the marketing division of the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative Limited at Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada.

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