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Artfest Ontario Artists Embrace Nature!

Artfest Ontario Artists Embrace Nature as their Inspiration at our Artfest shows!  So, come on out to our upcoming Artfest Port Credit show, from May 27 - 29 and see for yourself!  

Have you ever noticed that artists tend to have a deep connection with our natural world? Perhaps it stems from noticing the minuscule details of our environment or possessing incredible curiosity about everything. Seeing through creative eyes and appreciating beauty truly inspires a plethora of artwork in all sorts of mediums. It makes sense really, considering how beautiful our planet truly is.

Artfest also appreciates beautiful scenery, hence the wonderful event locations we choose, like Port Credit’s Memorial Park.  Painters, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, jewellers, candle makers, potters, gourmet food makers, and home décor creators are some of the Artfest Port Credit exhibitors that embrace nature in their work, then transform it into something unique and memorable.  And all for you!

As a kid, Garry Revesz was attracted to the outdoors, nature, drawing and photography. You know, the right-brained stuff. For over 35 years he owned a software design and application company for small business clients in Toronto. However, an urge to follow his passion for nature and wildlife photography was welling up inside. As an animal lover, he was becoming more anxious about the plight of wildlife. The poaching and the senseless killing of animals were weighing heavily on his mind. “Something had to be done.”

He felt that his photography skills could contribute to the growing need for education and awareness. An award-winning photographer, Garry has been studying and photographing species at risk. His images are a haunting reminder of the fragility of our planet’s creatures. Garry is a new exhibitor at Artfest this year in the Port Credit and the September Toronto Distillery Shows.  Welcome Garry!! View more of his photography here:  Garry Revesz Photography.

 ~ Garry Revesz Photography

~ Garry Revesz Photography

Blake Richardson’s Earthen Sculptures and Prints are derived directly from things he discovers in nature. Using a fine brush and oil paints to augment the features of the stones he collects, Blake enhances what he sees in the rock. He intentionally leaves out details so others can engage their own imagination. Adding a driftwood cradle enables him to display the pieces flatteringly. For Earth prints, he uses his camera to capture what he sees and does not disturb those environments. He then paints enhancements onto the surface of his photo prints, creating new works of art. Blake finds imagery in the bark of trees, the lichen growing on rocks and the swirling of the clouds. It has led him on an amazing journey over the years. He says, “I follow what I love and let nature be my guide because I know the signs that reveal themselves along the way will show me where I am meant to go in life.” What a lovely metaphor for following our dreams.

~ Blake Richardson Earthen Sculptures

~ Blake Richardson Earthen Sculptures

Jewellery is a powerful conduit for nature lovers. Artfest patrons can’t help but pick up a new piece of jewellery when they come to the shows. We have a lovely selection of outdoor inspired jewels to choose from. Whitney Haynes crafts her work from all things natural and her designs most certainly accentuate any wardrobe piece. Her nature inspired Fallen Birch Line includes leather and birch wrist wraps, resin and birch earrings, pendants, rings, belt buckles, and cuff links. All fallen birch used in this collection is gathered by Whitney, unless a client has requested to use pieces from their own property to make a sentimental statement. The Art Inspired Line includes images of Canadian fine artist Heather Haynes’ Tree Series. Truly works of art. The Inspirational leather and sterling wraps are one of a kind, funky everyday wrist wear; one of these may end up being your favourite piece. The leather for these wraps is hand cut and artfully dyed with each leather strip unique in colour. In many cases the wraps looks like strips of wood. Stunning!

~ Whitney Haynes Jewellery Art

~ Whitney Haynes Jewellery Art

Candles are a basic necessity in our homes. Handy when the power goes out, but they also positively transform our living spaces into romantic, relaxing, entertaining and delightful worlds. Mindi and Marco Ferkul from Kul Werks Candle Art have spent the past 21 years perfecting their mixed media candle lanterns. Using a combination of their own blend of waxes and select architectural stained glass, they handcraft magical lights for everlasting use. Honouring the “slow movement” of heritage artisanal techniques is key to the making of their timeless craft. The stained glass compositions are inspired by nature’s designs and elegant patterns. They are available in colours and themes for every décor and are cleverly designed to be refillable using a simple tealight so your candle will last forever.

~ Kul Werks Candle Art

~ Kul Werks Candle Art

Walk around Artfest Port Credit and take in the artist’s inspirations from our natural world, perhaps your own imagination will start racing!  

Forks & Fashion & the Artisan's Life

Kathy Anderson, Forks & Fashion (

"I love recycling and up-cycling antique silverware into jewellery and fashion accessories for so many reasons. I'm glad I can play a little part in helping our environment. I love the idea of taking someone's personal silverware and making memory pieces from it so they can wear and use it instead of stuffing a chest of silver in a cupboard and forgetting about it.

What a great way to bring family memories to life every day! I enjoy supporting small business and handmade throughout our communities, province and worldwide. You have to be so very disciplined to run your own small business. You have to get out of bed each morning and do your production work, do your bookkeeping, do your social media work, research, design, create, order and package and label. The days are long! Preparing for a show can be grueling but it can also bring a rush of adrenalin. Even though it's hard work, I adore what I do!"

Kathy Anderson will be exhibiting her unique, vintage flatware jewellery this weekend at Artfest Toronto.  

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S. Dias Arts incorporates up-cycled items in his artwork!

sdiasart_Hardwood Bench.jpg
sdiasart_Rocking Horse 2.jpg

S Dias Arts has been specializing in fine woodworking for over 30 years.  He generally focuses on the use of Ontario hardwoods and materials salvaged from up-cycled items such as old packing crates, pieces from building demolition and a variety of fallen trees.  He then converts these natural woods into one-of-a-kind stunning art pieces.  His work is truly green and unique in each piece he crafts.

Products crafted by S Dias Arts include serving trays, blanket chests, tables, bellows, rocking horses and benches.  Owner, S Donald Speller works to meld interesting woods and high-quality joinery (dovetails, splines, dowels, box joints, etc.) in the design and creation of his work which has both a pleasing form and useful function.

Find S Dias Arts at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show!  

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Forks & Fashion - the new Green trend of vintage wearable art!

Forks and Fashion crafts a selection of up-cycled vintage silverware, handmade into unique fashion accessories and jewellery for all occasions!

Artisan Kathy Anderson's collection consists of radiant spoon money clips, tie clips, barrettes, pie server cuff bracelets, key chains, spoon and fork bracelets, earrings rings, fork rings and demitasse spoon rings.

**All hand made by Forks & Fashion using green energy in their quaint shop.

A little bit about Kathy Anderson:

Kathy lives in a small village outside of Chatham Kent on a hobby farm where they do all they can for the environment by recycling, composting, up-cycling and using green energy with a wind turbine attached to their barn. 

Kathy and her family are firm believers of supporting the local movement and the Earth.  So, Kathy focuses on shopping ethically from the local farmers and artisans. She first created Forks & Fashion 4 years ago and continues to expand her eco-friendly line of jewellery and follow her passion. 

We have pieces of antique silverware that have been in barns for years..or even in a fire. Using a buffing wheel in our shop we bring back their shine.
— Kathy Anderson ~ Creator of Forks & Fashion

You'll find her line of vintage up-cycled jewellery in a GTA  gallery, in a boutique in the Niagara region and within her home community.  And of course, at Artfest Toronto, this Labour Day long weekend from Sept 4th-7th at the Distillery.


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Olio Eco Clothing at Artfest Kingston!

Artisan, Janice Ruck and creator of Olio Eco Clothing for women, is showcasing her organic and natural fibre clothing at Artfest Kingston from July 1st - 4th!

Artist Biography:

After studying costume design, Jannis began her career designing for musicians and entertainers. The company established in 1983 has been built on a groundwork of endurance and integrity and continues to produce locally made environmentally friendly clothing for men and women. 

Known for the eclectic use of colour and fabric assemblage, Jannis puts sustainability and creativity on a level matched only by the desire to create.Jannis creates 2 lines, olio eco and olio organics from her studio located in the historic distillery district of downtown Toronto.

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Hobo's Designs by Renee Morris available at Artfest Kingston!

July 1st-4th - Canada Day long weekend - Hobo's Designs will be exhibiting their collection of 'funky cross-body hobo bags and stylish up-cycled clothing.

Hobo's Designs is your primo destination for funky hand-made hobo bags and uncycled clothing!

The artisan, Renee Morris, combines high-quality craftsmanship with a wide array of colours and fabrics to make these amazing, one of a kind, textile creations.  These bags are reversible, machine washable and ready for any type of adventure.

The Hobo's Designs collection includes:

  • Slouchy beanies
  • Zipper Tees
  • Skirts
  • Hooded Cowls
  • Dresses
  • Hobo Bags - cross body, hippie bags, vegan bags
  • Up-cycled Hats
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Embody Clothing ~ Artfest Apparel for the Stylish, Creative & Eco-friendly!

Designer Tara White creates unique garments out of recycled materials that emphasize a confident style with lots of flare.
— Green Living magazine

EMBODY is a line of funky Eco-friendly clothing and accessories that fuses historical elegance and edgy styling with function.

The designer Tara White creates unique garments out of recycled materials with the mission to make women feel confident, comfortable, and to bring out the wearers individual personality. She challenges consumers to rebel against cookie cutter fashion and choose their own identity by buying locally made, one of a kind, eco fashion.

Latest projects are zero waste products and having a triple bottom line in which all business practices encompass social and environmental goals. 100% of used textiles are reclaimed from non-profit organizations. Every pattern, design and end product is made by the designers own hands in Canada. No more than 10 pieces are made with the same pattern and fabric, most are one of a kind.

Sizes range from XS up to XXXL in certain styles. A large portion of the clothing is reversible and/or transformable. Feeling bold? Wear the cherry red side out, Going to a business meeting? Wear the pinstripe side out. Clothing should be as versatile as the person who wears it and the environment that surrounds them.

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Deja Vu Design Artist - Laura Levitt at Artfest Port Credit!

Friendly ~ Upbeat ~ Fun - Yes, that's Laura Levitt!

Laura Levitt is the driving force of DejaVu Design. Laura has a background in international wholesale, primarily in developing baskets, garden items and furniture. 

After 15 years of travelling for work to China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Europe, Laura has created a new company, focused on recycling textiles. The clothing and accessory line is rich with imagination, practicality and fun. Wearing the DejaVu style makes a strong statement and contributes to a better environment by up-cycling!

Laura's one-of-a-kind designs are made from re-used materials and brought back to life with her creative eye for stylish clothing!  Deja Vu Designs is a collection of hip clothing for the BOLD and BRAVE!

Born from a love of all things that promote individual style, and sustained by a desire to create environmentally friendly clothing, DejaVu Design creates funky and original garments for all ages, shapes, sizes and personalities.  

DejaVu Design is dedicated to the reinvention and recombination of garments & textiles - A Green Clothing line for a better world! Find Laura at the upcoming Artfest show.  She is super awesome and a social butterfly, too!

From May 29th - 31st at Memorial Park in Port Credit - Artfest will be happening all weekend long!  See you there!

Artfest Port Credit: May 29-31 at Memorial Park.

Portrait of a traveling artisan: RAW Eco-Jewellery by Devaki!

RAW is a traveling curio shop of handmade bohemian style jewellery. 

Bold, bohemian inspired, handcrafted collections at Artfest Port Credit, Artfest Kingston and Artfest Toronto!

Devaki and a little 4 yr old wise spirit can be found dancing, loving & creating at festivals and events across Canada - a proud participant in Canada’s artisan community.

RAW Eco-Jewellery: A blend of non-precious, elemental metals, and dedicated craftsmanship form the backbone of the RAW aesthetic.

RAW creates jewellery using traditional, metalsmith and fine techniques often drawn from reclaimed sources. Otherwise overlooked materials are stripped, prepped and transformed by dedication and love of a hammer, anvil & files.

Hand cut, pierced, twisted, cold forged and soldered metal coaxed into incredible details, RAW seamlessly combines  relics from our industrial heritage with artifacts of our natural world.

Edwardian metal buttons, brass and copper curiosities, antique time pieces, rich silks and vintage textiles are carefully paired with crystals, bone, antlers and exotic seeds to tell stories of the past, present and future. 

Inspired by ethnic cultures, nomadic lifestyles and intrinsic values, everything RAW is created with quality and intention.

Watch out for Devaki's booth at all three of our Artfest Shows:

You'll be truly intrigued by RAW's hand-crafted and re-purposed creations!  LIKE RAW on Facebook.  See you at the shows!

For a list of RAW Eco Jewellery's events, click here!

Carnival of Kitsch rescues fabrics of the past!

Kathryn Smythe is a crafts person creating old fashioned new things. From her 1934 toaster to her 1962 Ford Galaxie hot rod, she revels in the workmanship and ethos of days gone by. Kathryn has adopted from this earlier time a commitment to craft with integrity as she brings her unique sense of style, pattern, design and value to each found material.

Smythe revives fabrics from the 1940's to the 1970's and creates beautiful modern accessories. 30 years of craft based industry experience in Toronto, a lifetime of sewing and her obsession for vintage items come together culminating in her particular vision. Kathryn left the city of Toronto in 2014 to pursue her passion full-time. 

Carnival of Kitsch rescues the fine fabrics of the past and refashions them into stylish, practical accessories for the present. From concept through design each piece is hand made from repurposed vintage (1940's-1970's) curtains, upholstery, cushion covers, tablecloths and other forgotten fabrics of everyday life. All designs begin with an idea, progress to a sketch and are then developed into a full working pattern. 

Fabric is selected and cut individually for each object, allowing greater care to be taken when highlighting the most delightful sections of these unique remnants of textile history. Once all the pattern pieces are cut they are then meticulously sewn into the final object. 

The last stage is to attach the finishing elements, snaps, straps, handles and other embellishments such as vintage buttons and trims. All aspects of production including sourcing the vintage materials, pattern design and drafting, fabric selection, cutting, stitching and finishing are performed by me. The product line includes messenger bags, hand bags, shoulder bags, fabric wrist cuffs, cosmetics and toiletries.

Find Kathryn at Artfest Port Credit, from May 29 - 31! 

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Carmen Caldwell showcasing upcyled bags at Artfest Port Credit!

About the Artist:
Born in Transylvania, We raised as free spirist. Love, family, freedom, school and nature were Carmen Caldweill's feeds.

As a professional, Carmen chose to be an aeronautical engineer.  What is that?  You ask...
Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of engineering concerned with the research, design process, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft and spacecraft. 

Carmen worked in research and at an airline. One of her hobbies included sewing. Carmen has been actively sewing since the early age of five!  When she met her husband, she left her home and accompanied him around the world.

So far, the couple has resided in more than 10 countries!

Thus, her ethnic Romanian inheritance was enriched enormously. Carmen's sewing quickly became an expression of the inside tumult, of the dual character of her lifestyle which involved the need of functionality and beauty in a dynamic surrounding.

Carmen has always strived to create unique textile products, mostly clothing, appealing to each community which she has lived in. That proved Carmen has a lot to offer! Abstract and practical worlds are both comfortable spaces for her. She uses them daily and is defined by them.

Carmen is rigorous and a perfectionist by profession with a practical and functional approach as a producer.  She is spontaneous, original, vibrant and daring as an artist. Quality, efficiency and ecology are standing matters in her work. 

Visit her booth at Artfest Port Credit and feel free to ask her about her travels!  See you at the show, from May 29 - 31!

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The Green Art Trend continues at Artfest Port Credit!

Some of our Artfest exhibitors create eco-friendly pieces that started their life as something else. The green movement is on the rise and the green art trend lives on within our Artfest shows.

We are proud to be exhibiting a variety of Green Art at our Artfest shows and what an amazing way to re-create, re-use and bring back to life something spectacular from the past!  Artfest Port Credit features a collection of fine and up-cycled green art so be sure to give our Earth-friendly artists a high five!  

Artfest Port Credit is a welcome addition to our family of juried art and craft shows.  Artfest Ontario produces top quality festivals held in beautiful and unique historic settings.  Situated at the mouth of the Port Credit River and the heart of the picturesque downtown waterfront, the location is an ideal setting for the art show.

Artfest welcomes you all to join in on the fun, good music and mouth-watering food choices while browsing throughout the park and visiting our talented artists and artisans.



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