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Moore Design Bird Feeders


Moore Design Bird Feeders creates custom designed and hand-built brass and glass bird feeders designed to be window mounted or anchored in your garden, yard or deck. All products are made with the best quality glass and brass purchased from Canadian companies to ensure your bird feeder will keep its strength and integrity over time. Got a bird lover on your list?

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Artfest Ontario Artists Embrace Nature!

Artfest Ontario Artists Embrace Nature as their Inspiration at our Artfest shows!  So, come on out to our upcoming Artfest Port Credit show, from May 27 - 29 and see for yourself!  

Have you ever noticed that artists tend to have a deep connection with our natural world? Perhaps it stems from noticing the minuscule details of our environment or possessing incredible curiosity about everything. Seeing through creative eyes and appreciating beauty truly inspires a plethora of artwork in all sorts of mediums. It makes sense really, considering how beautiful our planet truly is.

Artfest also appreciates beautiful scenery, hence the wonderful event locations we choose, like Port Credit’s Memorial Park.  Painters, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, jewellers, candle makers, potters, gourmet food makers, and home décor creators are some of the Artfest Port Credit exhibitors that embrace nature in their work, then transform it into something unique and memorable.  And all for you!

As a kid, Garry Revesz was attracted to the outdoors, nature, drawing and photography. You know, the right-brained stuff. For over 35 years he owned a software design and application company for small business clients in Toronto. However, an urge to follow his passion for nature and wildlife photography was welling up inside. As an animal lover, he was becoming more anxious about the plight of wildlife. The poaching and the senseless killing of animals were weighing heavily on his mind. “Something had to be done.”

He felt that his photography skills could contribute to the growing need for education and awareness. An award-winning photographer, Garry has been studying and photographing species at risk. His images are a haunting reminder of the fragility of our planet’s creatures. Garry is a new exhibitor at Artfest this year in the Port Credit and the September Toronto Distillery Shows.  Welcome Garry!! View more of his photography here:  Garry Revesz Photography.

 ~ Garry Revesz Photography

~ Garry Revesz Photography

Blake Richardson’s Earthen Sculptures and Prints are derived directly from things he discovers in nature. Using a fine brush and oil paints to augment the features of the stones he collects, Blake enhances what he sees in the rock. He intentionally leaves out details so others can engage their own imagination. Adding a driftwood cradle enables him to display the pieces flatteringly. For Earth prints, he uses his camera to capture what he sees and does not disturb those environments. He then paints enhancements onto the surface of his photo prints, creating new works of art. Blake finds imagery in the bark of trees, the lichen growing on rocks and the swirling of the clouds. It has led him on an amazing journey over the years. He says, “I follow what I love and let nature be my guide because I know the signs that reveal themselves along the way will show me where I am meant to go in life.” What a lovely metaphor for following our dreams.

~ Blake Richardson Earthen Sculptures

~ Blake Richardson Earthen Sculptures

Jewellery is a powerful conduit for nature lovers. Artfest patrons can’t help but pick up a new piece of jewellery when they come to the shows. We have a lovely selection of outdoor inspired jewels to choose from. Whitney Haynes crafts her work from all things natural and her designs most certainly accentuate any wardrobe piece. Her nature inspired Fallen Birch Line includes leather and birch wrist wraps, resin and birch earrings, pendants, rings, belt buckles, and cuff links. All fallen birch used in this collection is gathered by Whitney, unless a client has requested to use pieces from their own property to make a sentimental statement. The Art Inspired Line includes images of Canadian fine artist Heather Haynes’ Tree Series. Truly works of art. The Inspirational leather and sterling wraps are one of a kind, funky everyday wrist wear; one of these may end up being your favourite piece. The leather for these wraps is hand cut and artfully dyed with each leather strip unique in colour. In many cases the wraps looks like strips of wood. Stunning!

~ Whitney Haynes Jewellery Art

~ Whitney Haynes Jewellery Art

Candles are a basic necessity in our homes. Handy when the power goes out, but they also positively transform our living spaces into romantic, relaxing, entertaining and delightful worlds. Mindi and Marco Ferkul from Kul Werks Candle Art have spent the past 21 years perfecting their mixed media candle lanterns. Using a combination of their own blend of waxes and select architectural stained glass, they handcraft magical lights for everlasting use. Honouring the “slow movement” of heritage artisanal techniques is key to the making of their timeless craft. The stained glass compositions are inspired by nature’s designs and elegant patterns. They are available in colours and themes for every décor and are cleverly designed to be refillable using a simple tealight so your candle will last forever.

~ Kul Werks Candle Art

~ Kul Werks Candle Art

Walk around Artfest Port Credit and take in the artist’s inspirations from our natural world, perhaps your own imagination will start racing!  

Moore Design Bird Feeders available at Artfest Kingston!

Artisan Words:

Together in our home/studio in Chatsworth, Ontario 
we have combined our artistic talents to design 
and handcraft our exclusive line of window birdfeeders. 
Since beginning our business we have enjoyed the honour of receiving many awards 
for presentation and product excellence. 
We exhibit at many of the most prestigious art and craft shows from coast to coast. 

We are proud to be a small Canadian Business and will strive to grow, with the continuation of excellence in production and customer satisfaction!

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