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49th Apparel


49th Apparel is a Canadian Company that has been designing and producing quality apparel, mainly sleepwear, in a small workshop in Sault Ste. Marie, since 1992. Loving the Northern nature and caring deeply about reducing our footprint on the environment, 49th Apparel's sleepwear for men and women is locally produced with quality natural fabrics and sustainable fashion practices.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Irina Rapaport

Based in Toronto, Irina Rapaport Jewellery and Textiles is a slow fashion design studio whose mission is to create and make unique jewellery and clothing.

Carefully handmade in her studio, these wearable art objects are produced in small series of one of a kind pieces, which you will find in our online store, at her studio open house or at craft shows in and around Toronto. Each object is handmade. The charm of tiny imperfections is inherent to craftwork, such as a quirky piece of fabric or a polka dot bead made from scratch, or subtle flaws left by the work of time on old materials.

Every one of her pieces is born with particular features which make it unique, not always perfect, but definitely authentic.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

O.G. Knitwear


O.G. Knitwear creates knitted garments for women using seamless and multi-directional knitting. Combining engineering and artistic techniques, Olga create shapes that naturally follow lines of the body when worn in a regular way, upside-down, or inside-out. This versatility multiplies the number of looks of each garment awakening creativity in every woman.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.


Kelly Epstein has been sewing for years and loving every minute of it. She started making mens Hawaiian style shirts in some very wild fabrics and they proved to be very popular.

FEAK makes 100% quality cotton mens shirts in many different fabric patterns, from zombies to classic cars there is something for every man.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

DejaVu Design

Born from a love of all things that promote individual style, and sustained by a desire to create environmentally friendly clothing, DejaVu Design creates funky and original garments for all ages, shapes, sizes and personalities.

The design, production and retailing of DejaVu Design are powered by the passion and eccentricity of Laura Levitt. Vests, jackets, skirts, tunics, dresses, pants and a selection of unique wearable accessories are all upcycled in distinctive and creative ways. All products are designed and manufactured in Ontario, and are fair-trade and fair-wage. Fashions from Dejavu Designs are a gift for everyone this Christmas.

All your holiday shopping wishes come true at Artfest Christmas in the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex, December 6-9.

Artfest Toronto's Clothing Designers

Not only does Artfest offer a huge selection of fine art and craft items for purchase, handmade designer clothing is also popular at all four of our Artfest Ontario shows. Top Canadian designers will be exhibiting this Labour day long-weekend at the Distillery Historic District, from Aug 31st to Sept 3rd!  Come out and support your local Canadian clothing designers! There's something for everyone at Artfest!

We love clothes and especially, handmade designer clothes that are one-of-a-kind and made carefully with love - come celebrate fine art and craft and funky clothing (all different styles) to suit each and every need. From crotchet, knitwear and felt hats to silk printing and scarves, you'll have your chance to purchase that perfect item for your closet! 

Check out the sneak peak of just some of our dedicated clothing designers in the slideshow below: 


Artfest Toronto Clothing Designers:

Diana Coatsworth 

Elina Ten


Wool & Silk 

Irina Rappaport 

Paul Brodie

Halina Shearman


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Beaver Pelts showcased at Artfest Port Credit!

Paula Lishman has developed, over the past 40 years, a unique patented process for turning high quality, prime Canadian Beaver, Fox, Sable and Muskrat pelts, into a reinforced fur yarn. Her trappers are primarily the Algonquins, who harvest in the cold Ottawa Valley winters when the beaver and fox fur is at its most plush.

The Algonquins utilize all parts of the animals. The pelt is dressed using a hand-pluck process, dyed, blocked then trimmed and cut by hand, with a razor blade, from the back of the leather into a very narrow strip, about 1/8" wide, always cutting from the outside edge, following the shape of the pelt to avoid joins. This thin strip is then twisted and reinforced, again by hand, with a very strong cotton yarn of the same colour. This forms a durable, evenly surfaced fur yarn, ready to knit, weave or crochet, to make a luxurious, washable and flexible fur fabric!

Cotton, Silk and Cashmere yarns are used in combination with the fur yarn to produce exquisite items. No lining, two-sided fur, utilizing the insulation that benefits the beavers all winter long. Paula Lishman makes by hand, shawls, scarves, hats, headbands, mittens, vests, jackets, ponchos and throws in many colours, styles and sizes. 

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Baby Gifts in Organic & Naturally Dyed Cotton

After a career in the fashion industry as a designer, manufacturer and teacher, Catherine Soucy ended up in the e-commerce industry. Nonetheless, her passion for sewing continues as a proud designer of  handmade and dyed, organic cotton baby clothing and gifts.

This year at the upcoming Artfest Kingston show for Canada Day long weekend, Catherine will be featuring her brand new line of organic cotton, handmade clothing, for babies. Should you happen to miss the Artfest Kingston show, Catherine will be also be exhibiting her fashion line in September at the ArtfestToronto show at the Distillery Historic District

Catherine Soucy's passion for sewing goes back to when she was just a small child.  She has always loved making clothing for kids.  At age four, Catherine began sewing and she hasn't stopped since.  Her one-of-a-kind Catherine Soucy clothing line is created with care and love from organic cotton that has been hand dipped in natural dyes.  

Catherine is thrilled to present you with her Eco-friendly collection of clothing and gifts for babies at two of Artfest Ontario's events, Kingston & Toronto. Visit her website to order online or to see her remarkable collection:

Outside the sweater box with Knit Gallery

Artisan Olga Saras and creator of Knit Gallery Inc. carefully and creatively knits a wide selection of stylish women's apparel for the inner beauty in you. Her knitwear is best described as 'wearing a stunning piece of art' sure to make you feel comfortable yet beautiful at the same time.  Olga's collection of fine hand knit ladies garments and accessories are a must see.  In fact, you'll wish you could walk away with more than one item for your closet.

Olga is recognized across the country for her ingenuity and refusal to let traditional design expectations dictate her knit creations. Born in Moscow, Olga draws inspiration from her former career as a ballet dancer. While at the Moscow Academic College of Choreography, she majored in Classical Ballet and also studied Folk Dancing, Music, Theatre and Art.

In the mid 1980s she joined the Red Army Choir where she excelled in ballet and traditional Russian folk dance. Soon after, she was admitted to the world-renowned Dance Group Berioska, and toured Europe and North America extensively. Her time with the Dance Group provided an opportunity to dabble in costume design. Soon she was designing many of the outfits she and her colleagues performed in. As her dance career was winding down, Olga’s burgeoning interest in fashion led her to enroll in the prestigious Moscow Academy of Design, where she completed the Fashion Design Programme.

While she eventually retired from stage performance, Olga’s future creations would reflect the grace and elegance of classical dance she so adored. After moving to Canada, Olga began to apply her creativity to garment design. Starting with fabrics, she soon found that knits allowed her to express her deep love of form and function as only a dancer could appreciate.

At first, she began by designing sweaters and then expanded her line to include her now famous knit skirts that remain a key component of her collections. Accessories soon followed and she now conceives and creates an ever-expanding range of scarves, shawls and other marvelous accessories that defy definition. Olga’s trademark style is open-weave knits. She selects yarns from around the globe and utilizes innovative techniques to create pieces that often resemble works of art.

Olga is dedicated to her knitting and each piece she makes is carefully thought over and designed using her artful eye.  She has a natural gift for hand crafting such a breathtaking line of original women's fashion clothing.  See for yourself at our final Artfest show and stop over to her booth this Labour Day long weekend at Artfest Toronto set in the Distillery Historic District.   

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Halina Shearman Designs is back at Artfest Toronto!


With her flare for design and love of textiles, Halina Shearman has created colourful, original works of wearable art for over 25 years. Through this passion for creative fashion design, she found inspiration for her current line of clothing from her large, personal collection of vintage silk scarves.

As an advocate for all things "green" and a loyal supporter of re-purposed clothing and decor, Halina found a unique and eclectic way to use her scarf collection to produce her very first up-cycled garment. Now more than half of her line is made from re-purposed materials and all of it is inspired by and made from some form of scarf.

All of Halina's product is proudly made in Canada using the finest hand selected materials, and is brought to you by an artist who takes immense pride and satisfaction from being able to share her one-of-a-kind designs with others looking to express their individuality through wearable art.

Halina's friendly personality shines through her work and you'll be amazed at her passion for design and true talent for creating stylish pieces for all types and sizes.  Find Halina at Artfest Toronto and purchase that special gift for a loved one or just for you! 

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Portrait of an Artisan ~ Atelier Du Presbytere

Check Atelier Du Presbytere out at

L'atelier Du Presbytere is a company bringing all their materials from France (Provence) and giving them a second life as vintage housewares linen.

The items are created with a rustic style that is easily washed and one of a kind.  The concept is unique and individually created using antique fabrics, mostly linens.  Words are printed with an embroidery sewing machine using a stencil transfer.

“L’histoire des créateurs de L’Atelier du Presbytère commence par une passion, celle qu’ils ont l’un pour l’autre d’abord, et celle de la brocante ensuite.”
— Marie Louise Arnal. Votre maison votre jardin. Fevrier Mars 202
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Hats off to Mad Cap Hats - exhibiting at Artfest!

From Sept 4th - 7th at Artfest Toronto, Mad Cap Hats will be displaying their collection of fun and bright hand made hats.  A hat for every occasion, style and mood, Mad Cap Hats 'has been turning heads for 25 years'!

Proudly made in Grimbsy, Ontario, this company makes UV resistant, reversible and super comfortable hats for the happy hat connoisseur!  

LIKE Mad Cap Hats on Facebook and thanks for supporting Canadian arts!

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Olio Eco Clothing at Artfest Kingston!

Artisan, Janice Ruck and creator of Olio Eco Clothing for women, is showcasing her organic and natural fibre clothing at Artfest Kingston from July 1st - 4th!

Artist Biography:

After studying costume design, Jannis began her career designing for musicians and entertainers. The company established in 1983 has been built on a groundwork of endurance and integrity and continues to produce locally made environmentally friendly clothing for men and women. 

Known for the eclectic use of colour and fabric assemblage, Jannis puts sustainability and creativity on a level matched only by the desire to create.Jannis creates 2 lines, olio eco and olio organics from her studio located in the historic distillery district of downtown Toronto.

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Red Thread Design: A Haven of Colour & Fun

Red Thread Design clothing is designed to be uniquely beautiful and functional. It’s locally/ethically produced, adults love it, children love to wear it, and it lasts for an extraordinarily long time.

Beauty, comfort and durability are equal priorities...

Devorah Miller is the designer and creator of everything Red Thread.

Her design work reflects a lifelong passion for great fabric, a background in textile history (with an M.A. focusing on the history of textiles and craft in East Asia), a love of quilting and handwork, and a life full of amazing kids!

Red Thread is exhibiting at Artfest Kingston!! 

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Mad Cap Hats & Accessories

Mad Cap Hats has been topping heads for over 26 years! Congratulations! Artfest is proud to have you as an exhibitor!

A fixture at the best artisan shows in Ontario, hats are a passion for milliner, Tori Kosinec. Mad Cap hats are designed to offer Sun Protection with Style!

**New beach wraps and beach covers will be available for purchase at Artfest Kingston, 2015 - this Canada Day long weekend, July1st-4th!  See you at the show!!

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Hobo's Designs by Renee Morris available at Artfest Kingston!

July 1st-4th - Canada Day long weekend - Hobo's Designs will be exhibiting their collection of 'funky cross-body hobo bags and stylish up-cycled clothing.

Hobo's Designs is your primo destination for funky hand-made hobo bags and uncycled clothing!

The artisan, Renee Morris, combines high-quality craftsmanship with a wide array of colours and fabrics to make these amazing, one of a kind, textile creations.  These bags are reversible, machine washable and ready for any type of adventure.

The Hobo's Designs collection includes:

  • Slouchy beanies
  • Zipper Tees
  • Skirts
  • Hooded Cowls
  • Dresses
  • Hobo Bags - cross body, hippie bags, vegan bags
  • Up-cycled Hats
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A Note from Coy Depot:

Hi there,

Lisa here. I'm a Toronto-based designer of super fun t-shirts, napkins, tea towels and pillows (though I was an amateur comic for a few years, and once even "ran" a snack trolley in a Bingo Hall. Long story.)

My designs are funny, sweet and really well made.  The t-shirts are manufactured right here in Scarborough from delicious bamboo.  As much as I can, I source my materials locally and up-cycle vintage fabric whenever I can.

I started this business four years ago (first incarnation: Coy Clothes). It was born out of the need to create funny shirts that weren't marketed to 20-year-olds. No offense to the un-wrinkled, I just found when it came to fit, comfort and humour the 30-plus market was left out.

In four years, I've changed the name: Depot more closely fits the general store vibe I want to create and I've added two people to my crew: Charlotte and Grace. They do the bulk of the sewing and are outstanding at their craft. I still do some of the sewing and handle all the silk-screening and re-write all the copy for the retro ads and come up with new stuff to make.

I'm constantly scouring the Internet, thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets in search of all things retro, vintage, ironic, sweet and bizarre for inspiration.

When I'm not working, I'm hanging with my two kids, my husband and my pug Curly dreaming of my next "Thursday Night Snack Plate."



Check out Lisa's blog: Coy Depot Blog and find her exhibiting at Artfest Kingston, from July 1st - 4th!  See you all at the show!  

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Embody Clothing ~ Artfest Apparel for the Stylish, Creative & Eco-friendly!

Designer Tara White creates unique garments out of recycled materials that emphasize a confident style with lots of flare.
— Green Living magazine

EMBODY is a line of funky Eco-friendly clothing and accessories that fuses historical elegance and edgy styling with function.

The designer Tara White creates unique garments out of recycled materials with the mission to make women feel confident, comfortable, and to bring out the wearers individual personality. She challenges consumers to rebel against cookie cutter fashion and choose their own identity by buying locally made, one of a kind, eco fashion.

Latest projects are zero waste products and having a triple bottom line in which all business practices encompass social and environmental goals. 100% of used textiles are reclaimed from non-profit organizations. Every pattern, design and end product is made by the designers own hands in Canada. No more than 10 pieces are made with the same pattern and fabric, most are one of a kind.

Sizes range from XS up to XXXL in certain styles. A large portion of the clothing is reversible and/or transformable. Feeling bold? Wear the cherry red side out, Going to a business meeting? Wear the pinstripe side out. Clothing should be as versatile as the person who wears it and the environment that surrounds them.

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Deja Vu Design Artist - Laura Levitt at Artfest Port Credit!

Friendly ~ Upbeat ~ Fun - Yes, that's Laura Levitt!

Laura Levitt is the driving force of DejaVu Design. Laura has a background in international wholesale, primarily in developing baskets, garden items and furniture. 

After 15 years of travelling for work to China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Europe, Laura has created a new company, focused on recycling textiles. The clothing and accessory line is rich with imagination, practicality and fun. Wearing the DejaVu style makes a strong statement and contributes to a better environment by up-cycling!

Laura's one-of-a-kind designs are made from re-used materials and brought back to life with her creative eye for stylish clothing!  Deja Vu Designs is a collection of hip clothing for the BOLD and BRAVE!

Born from a love of all things that promote individual style, and sustained by a desire to create environmentally friendly clothing, DejaVu Design creates funky and original garments for all ages, shapes, sizes and personalities.  

DejaVu Design is dedicated to the reinvention and recombination of garments & textiles - A Green Clothing line for a better world! Find Laura at the upcoming Artfest show.  She is super awesome and a social butterfly, too!

From May 29th - 31st at Memorial Park in Port Credit - Artfest will be happening all weekend long!  See you there!

Artfest Port Credit: May 29-31 at Memorial Park.