Simon Schneiderman Art

Simon Schneiderman recently traded his lawyer’s robe for his beret and can be found in his studio full time working on drawings and fine art paintings in acrylic and oil. Simon tells stories through painting and writing.

Simon Schneiderman has been drawing since he was in his 20's and, as a professional writer, developed a writer's block. He needed a way to express himself and took drawing classes. He has never looked back. Words play an important role in some of Simon's narrative artwork. As a now retired lawyer Simon found a lot of downtime in court and would draw what he saw - lawyers and judges. He started a comic strip for the Law Times magazine which later became the theme for a series of paintings. Humour and the law, as well as interpersonal relationships, are the subject of Schneiderman's current paintings.

Posted on September 1, 2019 .