Rachel Joy VanRooyen Hand Crafted Jewellery

Rachel Joy VanRooyen has been designing and creating her own line of jewellery since the mid 1990's. Largely self-taught, Rachel has taken courses in lamp-work (hot glass) and metal work.

Rachel dyes and paints wooden shapes which she then fastens together with silver, copper and brass wire. The wood is then accented with Rachel's own lamp-work glass beads and semi-precious stones and shells. She likes to contrast texture and colour and changes her colour groupings seasonally to keep the line fresh and interesting.

Rachel knows that jewellery must be practical as well as pretty so she tries to ensure that her pieces are light-weight and durable. Rachel continues to evolve as an artist and a designer, always learning new skills and techniques that keep her work fun and interesting for both herself and for her customers.

Posted on August 28, 2019 .