Clever Clippings

Clever Clippings 9 by 9 First Order with BB8_.jpeg

Toronto-based artist, Selina Yung, started creating collages from a passion for art and an interest in upcycling. Clever Clippings creates handcut collages from vintage collections and used materials - anything from newsprint and magazines to flyers and photographs - and transform them into something new and refreshing.

All Selina's creative and intricate artwork are influenced by her day to day experience and inspired her fantasy world that is full of movies and comics.

Selina collects materials from local vintage markets, public library book sales, church donations, flyers that people throw away, etc. All images are carefully cut with a scalpel, then layered different and combined to create new work .

Despite an interest in art from high school, Selina ended up going to Queen's University and becoming an auditor. But her passion for art was only intensified by her career. Selina started creating collages with the intent to upcycle old materials and Clever Clippings was born.

Posted on August 28, 2019 .