Sonia Wilkinson Art


Peculiar Art for this Mad World

Using acrylic paint on canvas and working through a design process, Sonia Wilkinson recreates the human face in unusual ways using distorted, textured and colourful lines and shapes. A facial expression emerges every time and can almost be read like a book.

About Sonia Wilkinson
Sonia Wilkinson remembers dabbling in many different art forms at home, at public school and Dundas Valley School of Art. She later chose graphic design as a career and obtained a diploma from Sheridan College in 1995. Wilkinson went on to have a 22-year career as a graphic designer until 2017 when she decided it was time for the different and more interesting challenges of an art business.

The list of influences is ever-growing: Pablo Picasso’s cubism and his use of colour, style and artistic playfulness; Henry Moore’s graceful lines; Andy Warhol’s passion for the unconventional; Thomas Fedro’s graffiti-style faces that are gritty and humorous; plus numerous other artists Wilkinson comes across on a daily basis who are working, creative warriors and business tycoons.

I believe that being weird, silly and laughing helps alleviate the crazy things that go on in this World. Creating peculiar paintings of ridiculous faces is my way of give others permission to be weird and silly, too.

All of my paintings are created using Golden Acrylic (Heavy Body, Open) for true colours, longevity, and beautifully smooth blending. I also use Golden mediums and sometimes sand for rough textures that can be seen and touched. Ever painting is finished with isolation and varnish coats for surface protection and even more colour longevity. I use a high-quality canvas, mounted on a solid wood frame. The edges are painted black to compliment the graphic nature of the images I create. In some cases I will finish the painting with a sold wood, black lacquered frame.

For my series of mini paintings (5" x 7") I consider to be brothers and sisters and I choose human names given to newborns. For my larger pieces I am moved to give a nod to quirks of human nature: Shy, (Un)balanced, Morning Person, Hangry. Some are humorous and some are more philosophical. It all depends on how I feel about a piece when completed. With my peculiar art I hope to encourage people to not only accept what might be strange an unusual (about themselves or others), but to celebrate it!

Posted on August 27, 2019 .