Richard Fisher Pottery


A dragonfly gets its stunning, vivid colour from light reflected and retracted from the sun; an esoteric process that only Mother Nature could deliver. The dragonfly is a fitting symbol for Richard Fisher Pottery. The sensuality and character of each piece of Richard Fisher Pottery could only come from an equally enigmatic formation: Richard uses rich glazes that respond to the intense heat within a kiln to produce unique colours and varied surfaces.

At his cozy pottery studio, tucked away in Dundas, Ontario, you’ll find no shortage of pottery items meticulously hand-crafted by Richard to capture the individuality only stoneware clay can produce. For almost 20 years, Richard has shaped and molded pottery pieces that have become favourites for families all over the world, including Richard’s signature Compost Pot, his indispensable coffee mug, or his exquisite collection of table ware pottery.

Designed for the greatest function possible, Richard embraces the character of the clay to create remarkably beautiful, yet strong, enforced forms within all his pottery.

Posted on June 7, 2019 .