Made By Bees

Made By Bees has beeswax wraps and other bee products that help all of us take steps to save our bees, our food and our planet. These handmade reusable foodsafe beeswax wraps replace the need for plastic wrap that is thrown away after one use. They come in three sizes and a variety of decorative patterns.

Priscilla Everett is a beekeeper whose shift towards sustainability has led to functional and minimal waste creations. After her children left home, tending her bees became her focus and the increased production of honey and beeswax gave rise to a new business venture.

Understanding how bee colonies flourish and the critical role they play in global food security, Priscilla developed a diverse selection of sustainable and ethical products. Made By Bees is located on a pesticide-free property just outside of Brockville where bees can enjoy natural plants, flowers, and trees.

Posted on June 6, 2019 .