Susan Lapp Originals

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Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Susan Lapp grew to love the wilderness, spending weekends and summers on a small lake in the Laurentian Mountains. An avid backcountry canoeist, she immerses herself in the remoteness and magnificence of untamed lands. There is time to explore the beauty, the solitude, the thoughts that bubble to the surface as rhythmic strokes of a paddle bring on a mindful state. Susan's most recent work focuses on the human form and the spirit within all of us. Her paintings conjure reflection, thoughts, feelings and emotion to a viewer.

About Susan Lapp

Fine artist, flautist, pianist and composer, my lifelong inspirations stem from the untamed lands of Canada. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, by two artists/violinists, I grew up spending weekends and summers on a small lake in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. I watched my aunt create every type of art imaginable in her downtown Montreal, top floor warehouse apartment, towering windows flooding light on every wall, those, stacked deep with canvases and I grew to love this creative world without boundaries. An avid canoeist, I have paddled many rivers and lakes throughout Quebec, Ontario and Alberta and draw on these memories to create my intuitive, expressionist paintings. In this time away, with the absence of all technology and every day distractions, nature creates space to reflect, contemplate and remind me what is deeply important in this world.

Posted on June 25, 2019 .