Andrew Stelmack

Andrew Stelmack_3_DREAM PARADE 36X48_2018.jpg

Andrew Stelmack creates bold and colourful contemporary abstract paintings that stir both the mind and the soul. Andrew uses bold and conflicting colours, shapes and textures to explore an obsession of finding “the calm within chaos”. Influenced by cubism, Andrew is fascinated by how quickly the perfect shape can be disrupted.

About Andrew Stelmack
I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have spent a great part of my adult life in Toronto. I also have been blessed to have a career that has taken me to virtually every major city in Canada. I still travel between both cities and after all this time I have to consider them both "home".

In most cases, there is no specific story behind any given artwork. My exploration of trying to create calm within chaos usually means that an artwork decides what it will become all by itself. It is my job as the artist to let that happen and not get in the way.

But as in life, there are no steadfast rules for my exploration of art: Sometimes, a painting (or series of them) can reflect a story, a memory or an experience that I wish to share. Perhaps even a reflection of my own emotional place at that given moment. But even when that happens, I don’t necessarily want that story or emotion to be its overriding force. In the end, the most important thing is that I want each painting to have no boundaries imposed. For it to have unlimited possibilities for the viewer’s imagination to simply take hold and see where it goes. The viewer and I connecting. Without words. Sharing our own private stories, thoughts and emotions. Together.

Posted on June 22, 2019 .