Celtic Stone Sculptures

Duncan MacDonald carves original Celtic heritgage sculpture using traditional methods. His pieces have a 'straight off the castle wall' look and feel. Duncan's clan badges have become collector pieces and he has a worldwide following.

Duncan's original work is inspired by traditional Pictish and Celtic images while his historic pieces incorporate pivotal moments in Celtic history. The background story of each piece is included when you purchase a piece, passing on this link with history.

Sculptures are carved first in gypsum then cast in cement fondue using a traditional 18th century process that creates fine, delicate detail. Each piece is polished by hand waxing and bristle buffing to bring out marbling and natural mineral colouring. Carvings are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

About Duncan MacDonald
A native of Britain, Duncan worked from his studio on the Isle of Islay after many years of creating props and scene design for the British film industry. His desire to express this history comes from his connection to it, with his mother from the North of Wales, and his father from the Highlands of Scotland. He moved to Canada after meeting his wife when she visited Islay to search out information on her ancestors. They married in 2004 and live in the Blue Mountains near Collingwood.

Posted on May 8, 2019 .