Comfee Living


Helping boomers and zoomers for over 6 years, Comfee Cushions are amazing sensory vibrating pillows that are a revolution in circulation therapy. Comfee Cushions are one-of-a-kind, vibrating pillows designed and hand-crafted to help with a range of issues, such as circulation, diabetes and even autism.

Comfee Cushion is a designer upholstery massage cushion, using rescued fabrics from GTA furniture manufacturers. Inside is a Class 2 Medical device for stimulating blood flow. Cushions are made with bioplush foam, a renewable resource that 30% soy oil.

We all buy lovely cushions at stores that look great – but that's all they do. Why not try a Comfee Cushion that looks great, and also gives back in terms of better health?

Kerri-Lee Benson is the founder of Comfee Cushions and Comfee Living. She set out to help the boomers, zoomers and seniors she loves and admires with their lifestyle success. A self taught product designer and self employed since 2005, Kerri is inspired by colour and texture as well as by creating a product that is both beautiful and functional.

Posted on May 16, 2019 .