Pepi Design

Pepita Arden of Pepi Design create one of a kind pieces made from stained glass and Swarovski crystals set as mosaic on wood or metal recycled bases.

About Pepita Arden
Although I spent my childhood in Romania, my youth and adult life has taken me all over the globe. This rich cultural diversity to which I was exposed helped to form my love of art and respect for people of all backgrounds. I have always had an artistic soul, which was traditionally expressed through theatre. Quite suddenly, in my search for peace and fulfillment, my love for creating intricate, spiritual art in the form of jewellery revealed itself to me. Since then I have embarked on this journey to share my grasp of light and darkness, creation from destruction and soul communication. My work has been well accepted and appreciated at many major art festivals. Currently I reside in Toronto.

Posted on August 31, 2019 .