Chaka Chikadozi - Africville

From the north to the south of the country of Zimbabwe is an un-erupted volcanic ridge that is known as the Great Dyke, 500 km long and 90 kms wide at its widest point. It is one of the few volcanic ridges in the world that never erupted. The ridge rose and cooled without spilling lava, making it a storehouse of incredible and unique types of stone. According to geologists, the grain structures and colours created depend on the climate each season causing the the lava to cool at different speeds. The stone from this ridge tells a history and story of its own. Chaka Chikadozi is interested in the tension between the stone’s own sense of time and the story he is trying to tell with it.

About Chaka Chikadozi
I am a Zimbabwean-Canadian stone sculptor living, working, and raising a family in rural Ontario. I learned the stone sculpting tradition at the age of thirteen under the tutelage of an older brother, and have been exhibiting across Canada since 2003. I work with volcanic rock from Zimbabwe to explore the nexus between the geological time, human memory, and indigenous notions of belonging. My work explores the continuities and ruptures between the stone’s own sense of time and the story about time and space that he is trying to tell with it.

Posted on August 16, 2019 .