9 Senses

9Senses was born in 2015 to share a passion for products that comfort the body and mind. Mila Greaves is the mother of two beautiful girls one of whom is on the Autism spectrum and very sensitive to stimulation from her environment. To help her daughter, Mila spent countless hours learning to make natural, soothing products that her child would find comforting. Starting with handmade soaps she branched out into other bath and body products.

9Senses has a growing following who appreciate gentle soaps, soothing bath soaks and relaxing neck pillows. All 9Senses body products are completely natural and contain skin-nourishing ingredients. Soaps are cold-pressed in small batches using heirloom techniques perfected and polished with time.

They have recently added weighted blankets to their line. Weighted therapy uses weighted products to apply deep pressure to the body, stimulating the proprioception in the muscles, enabling those who are “sensory seeking” to relax, focus and have a greater awareness of their body. Weighted items are useful for people who experience difficulties with touch, body awareness, balance and movement senses.

Posted on May 15, 2019 .