Karl Stuebner Glass Design

Karl Stuebner creates intricate and exquisite artistic work carved onto glass. This kind of glass carving is the most complex and difficult form of glass etching, yet for Karl, it came naturally.

Karl embarked on his current artistic career more by chance than by designabout thirty years ago when a commercial glazier friend said a resort inn required a decorative mirror with their logo etched on it. Even though Karl had never seen anyone sandblast glass, he offered to take the job. With a borrowed library book and time leased from a a glass etcher nearby, Karl went to work and got it right away. It made sense to him.

Using a machine which he fashioned out of industrial equipment, Karl process is to shoot a pressurized stream of sand on to a plate of glass altering the surface to produce shapes and textures not normally associated with the material. With steady hands, he cuts deep in to the glass slowly adding volume in order to produce a three-dimensional image. Karl changes air pressure constantly, intuitively sensing depth and dimensionality while continually visualizing the design in his head.

Glass is this magical medium, anything that captures my eye
is in danger of becoming my next glass sculpture.

Karl's work is featured in luxury yachts, public institutions, hotels and nightclubs, and private collections globally.

Posted on May 13, 2019 .