Rosewell Woodworking

Rosewell Woodworking creates beautiful, one of a kind, wooden antique style hand grinders for coffee, pepper and salt. Randy seeks out unique wood or burls and upcycles many wood "cutoffs" that would that would otherwise be burned. This wood is all turned into unique, beautiful, one of a kind pieces that are fully functional and a beautiful addition to someone's kitchen. Each piece is made with care so that our customers truly have a one of a kind item.

About Randy Rosewell
Born and raised just outside of Parry Sound, Randy Rosewell has passionately pursued woodworking all his life. Throughout his career in Muskoka as a stonemason and woodworker, Randy is always working with his hands to design and shape wood into beautiful and unique pieces that people will love and appreciate.

Posted on May 1, 2019 .