Gilles Côté

“I seek, through a balance of emotion and intellect, to capture the energy of forms and colours, juxtaposing shadow and light to create a vibrant atmosphere.“

Fine artist Gilles Côté, a native of the Gaspé Peninsula, invites observers to discover the beauty of the scenery of his home. Filtered through perceived emotions, the atmospheres he creates reveals the incomparable natural world of the Gaspé. A self-taught artist, Gilles constantly seeks the colours and shapes that enable him to portray atmospheres that radiate warmth, and even tenderness.

Gilles has discovered a unique and personal way to let his characters and scenery speak, each expressing deep emotions. Through his work, he is able to share the poetry of artistic freedom; he invites you to look a little longer and little more closely at life and the world around you. One can almost hear the musical rhythm of the waves, feel the sensual caress of the wind, through his warm hues that capture the observer’s attention. Gilles has been painting for more than forty years, He has had shows in Quebec, Ontario, the United States, France and Brazil, and his work is collected by Canadian companies, galleries and private collectors.

Posted on April 8, 2019 .