Garry Revesz Photography


After more than 35 years in the IT industry, Garry Revesz turned his attention to photographing wildlife - especially endangered species and animals at risk. He has a special interest in bears and they are the focus of one of his current projects. Gary feels that photographing wildlife all over the world, has its own natural reward, but nonetheless, along the way, his work has won national and international photo competitions and awards.

"I am at my best when out in nature making images of wildlife going about their daily business. I can think and see clearly what is happening to the world, and how essential it is that our species learn to share this planet with the other 8.7 million species. They are not the enemy."

Photography is a universal language that everyone understands, and is the ideal medium to show how we are responsible for the waste and devastation we have brought to our planet, not to mention that we have a small window in which to change our habits and allow earth to heal itself; or pay the price

Wildlife photography is unique in that the photographer has no control over the subject, lighting, weather or location, so capturing those “wild” images is a matter of careful planning and a lot of luck.

Gary says that Conservation Photography offers a wider scope, and can often have greater impact, and tells a more complete story. His goals are to promote conservation and education; issues surrounding climate change and global warming, all of which are having critical impact on our environment and wildlife.

Gary is painstaking about capturing a lot of detail in his images. His photographs are displayed primarily on metal plate, which is the best medium for bringing out the detail and colour depth of the images.

Posted on April 25, 2019 .