CLAUSTRO is the collaboration of husband and wife artists, painter Carol Currie and sculptor Stuart Leggett. Between them, they create "sculpted paintings" that represent their love of nature and adventurous trekking expeditions. Both self-taught artists, Carol and Stuart have been working collaboratively and professionally full time for over 20 years.


"Our goal is to produce tactile, sculpted paintings that invite an interpretive and intimate experience."

The composition of each piece is minimized from the original landscape, portraying the structural and geological form by emphasizing strong forms, line and contrast to create an intense yet meditative quality to the works. The work evokes an abstract and interpretative quality created by the disparity between starkness and hyperrealism.

Stuart begins the woodworking process by first creating a solid wood panel through an extensive process and method of laminating small strips of wood. Within the piece, he embeds an inventive, structural aluminum system to prevent warping, and cracking, purposefully done to create a mysteriously thin wood panel. The refined depth of the panel creates a sophisticated artscape; light enough to eloquently be placed on a wall. Once these steps are complete, Stuart then hand carves the wood, developing natural wood grain textures, which brings an organic essence to the artscape and compliments this textural component. Relief carving and sculpting shifts in planes that cast shadows within the painting. Stuart then carefully protects all surfaces to ensure the panel is of archival quality, and to create a stable and permanent foundation for Carol's paints. Carol will apply up to seven translucent layers of fluid acrylics to build illusionary depth in the painting, bringing the sculpture to life.

Posted on April 2, 2019 .