Toronto Illustrated

Christine Audit of Toronto Illustrated has lived in Toronto for many years, and loves the city. She is always amazed by the diversity of Toronto Architecture, and the constant growth and change of the city. Wandering, she photographs areas, neighbourhoods, iconic architectural structures, pubs, restaurants, and historic sites. She enjoys the juxtaposition of the new integrating with the old, as well as appreciating the history and beauty of all that Toronto offers. Using the photographs as inspiration, Christine completes a drawing using technical lead pencils. Each illustration takes from eight to twelve hours to complete. After the illustration is printed on heavy card stock, Christine hand colours each print individually using a highly light-fast illustration marker. This ensures that each piece will be an original work of art. Christine is an award winning artist and is thrilled to offer her collection of illustrations and paintings of her beloved city.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .