Véronique Besançon

Montreal artist Véronique Besançon's paintings explore the theme of the meeting place, the encounter. A subject she has always found to be both passionate and transforming.

Véronique Besançon’s work discovers the humanism emerging from people and urban ambiance while reviving her multicultural awareness. Mixing her own pigments, she has developed a palette of colors which combine the warm textures of the Mediterranean with the intense tonalities of Eastern Europe. Bringing forward these vivid tones and toying with the materials, Véronique Besançon engages a dialogue between form and space, texture and transparency, subject and environment. Abandoning herself to rapid and delicate gestures, she creates an intensity that is characteristic of the dynamism in her compositions. Contact with the canvas produces a visual narrative, a history of intractable strength, of gentleness and of humanity. Her work is a product of emotion where expression is purged of its past meaning and where the visitor can interpret it from their own personal perspective.

About Véronique Besançon
Montreal-based, self-taught artist, Véronique Besançon follows the traditions of the European movements in the early 1900s. Of Jewish Hungarian and Russian, French heritage she was raised in France before immigrating to Canada in 1997.

Always surrounded by art, Besançon has experimented with writing, contemporary dance in Paris, theater in the south of France and for the last ten years, with the visual arts. Her paintings, a reconstruction of her personal journey, are inspired by the multiple paths taken through life. Always present in her paintings, the freedom of movement and thought are visually expressed by her rich mixed Mediterranean and eastern European palette of colors and varied brush strokes. She developed her own and original expressionist style.

In 2008, Besançon presented her work for the first time and discovered the pleasure of sharing and discussing her work with the public. Since then she has shown her work in more than hundred exhibitions, in solo and group shows, in Quebec, New-York, Brazil and China. Her artwork is now in many private collections in Europe, USA and Canada.

Posted on March 11, 2019 .