Farrucas Duo - holiday Monday @ Artfest Toronto!

Farrucas Duo- Performing Latin music at Artfest Monday September 3rd, 2018


“Farrucas Duo” is a husband-and-wife duo that experiments with the diversity of Latin sounds and instruments through their music -  painting an exotic musical portrait for you to enjoy all year long.

Farrucas Duo’s artistic taste is a “fusion” between two musical traditions; Mediterranean and Ecuadorian, blending together other several genres including Arab, Cumbia, Rumba Flamenco, Salsa, and Rock influences.

Jorge: “I am a self-taught musician. Since 1990, I’ve joined and performed with various folklore groups, recorded an album with Raíces – a group from my Native city (Ibarra, Ecuador), and later on I became a part of The Imbayakunas – completing with them their 2003 tour… In context to how he met my wife, I bonded with her musically, as well as sentimentally. In 2005, we both returned to Ecuador, South America and on October 8, 2005 our musical bond officially formed “Farrucas”.

Laura: “I started off my musical career as a self-taught learner from an early age; however, eventually I was given the opportunity to attend the New Conservatory of Music at the age of thirteen in Toronto, where I learned great fundamental techniques and secrets of the classical guitar. Eventually started working with various groups in my home city; including Johannes Linstead, and Pavlo… As time went by, I became connected with Latin American and Andean music – particularly when I was introduced to The Imbayakunas, based in Toronto. I toured with them in 2003 and had the privilege of recorded my very first album with this Ecuadorian group. Meeting Jorge through this group, I bonded with Jorge very fondly, and here we are today. After 14 years since our encounter – we are keeping our love for music healthy and strong!”

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