Robert Made It

Robert White hand crafts 3-D end grain cutting boards and cheese boards that are made from the finest selected wood pieces. His work is unique and the quality of his boards will last a life-time if you give them the proper care.  Robert will be at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show, from Aug 31 - Sept 3 so drop by and check out his woodworking skills. 

"I often teach young people the joys creating and wood working, rule #1- "good enough is never good enough, only perfection is good enough" - Technical skills are just one aspect of the disciplines required to be a great wood worker. Learning to be patient, taking pride in every step of the process is equally important. Never rushing for the completion of a project but feeling somewhat sad at the projects completion, this is when you know a woodworker has truly put his heart and soul into the piece. No matter the size or monetary value, each of my creations are pieces that make up the whole of my legacy, a fact forefront in my mind with everything I make." 

(Robert G. White)

Posted on August 20, 2018 and filed under Wood Crafts.