Food @ Artfest Kingston: to die for

We are excited to announce three days of ART, MUSIC, FUN and delectable gourmet FOOD at Artfest Kingston, 2018!

At Artfest, good food is a must. We support local food artisans that use only the freshest ingredients and that is why we get so excited about the food available at Artfest. This year at the Artfest food court you'll find a wide variety of gourmet food 'to die for'.  Located at City Park this Canada Day long weekend, Artfest food is the perfect compliment to a fun-filled, creatively explosive art and craft festival! Tantalize your taste buds while you visit 200+ Canadian artists and artisan exhibitors along our shady paths and accessible walkways!  There's something for everyone at Artfest Kingston!

This year at Artfest Kingston we introduce a fine selection of home-made delights to choose from. Our gourmet food court is open daily and offers everything from gelato, freshly baked strudels, gourmet wraps, pizza and burgers to tropical smoothies and delectable desserts!  Your tummy will thank you so we welcome everyone to sample your favourite dishes at Artfest, from June 30th to July 2nd!

Open 10am-6pm, daily. City Park. King St East & West St, Kingston (City Park). 

Artfest Kingston Gourmet Food Vendors:

Knifey Spooney

Paradiso Pizza

Bubba's Pizza

Glocca Morra Grill

Mio Gelato

Juicy Kik

The Wandering Bean

The Studel Lady

Artfest Kingston visitors absolutely love food!  And, that is why we have gathered a delightful group of gourmet food artisans to showcase their food. As you stroll through the art exhibits this Canada Day long weekend, you will be enticed to sample, and likely purchase, many delicious treats!  See you at the show!  

When: June 30th - to July 2nd

Where: City Park, Kingston, ON

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