Fine Hand-crafted Jewellery available at Artfest Toronto!

Artfest Toronto recognizes everyone loves jewellery and we proudly feature some of Canada's top experts in jewellery making at all of our Artfest Ontario shows.   

Art and craft shows have become known as a hub for jewellery shopping.  With the recent resurgence of the craft industry in general, the number of jewellers has burgeoned - making jury selection for art and craft shows a difficult task. Craft categories go in and out of popularity in waves.  Currently, pottery and woodcraft and weaving, are experiencing an upward swing, while glass is heading down after a long stretch of being on top.  Jewellery artisans pretty much always sell well at shows.

The criteria for Artfest jewellery are based upon our rating of uniqueness of materials and design and the craftsmanship and presentation of the art pieces.  You will find a wide variety at our shows and in most cases, different artisans at each of Artfest Ontario's four yearly events, Generally, we like to give as many artists as possible the opportunity to exhibit at our shows.  To apply for any of Artfest Ontario's 2018 shows and to view our application guidelines, visit - Artfest Ontario Exhibitor Guidelines

Jewellery can be made from just about anything you can imagine and many new materials are being added to the mix.  We've noticed a movement away from gold and silver, making room for brass, copper, clay and recycled materials.  Today, jewellery designers are also exploring ways to have a lower impact on the environment and are re-purposing materials in their work.  For instance, antique buttons, charms and beads, stripped electrical wire and natural seeds are all candidates.  

View our Artfest Toronto Jewellery exhibitors here and see you at the final show of the 2017 season.  


Posted on August 31, 2017 and filed under Jewellery.