Arthur 11 leads 80 foot long collaborative Chalk Art Mural!

Artist, Arthur 11, led the Word Art Mural project this past Canada Day long weekend at Artfest Kingston and what a great success!  He always manages to pull it all together with his talent and creativity in turn creating the most spectacular masterpiece!  

Sponsored by Art Noise, Artfest KIngston features the inaugural 80 foot mural project since the event's inception six years ago. This project has become a part of Artest Kingston and remains a valued component and addition to the event.  

Arthur II, the renowned Mural Artist from Ottawa, guided visitors in creating their own vision in celebrating Canada by adding their own personal word to the 80ft long x 8ft high surface using brightly-coloured chalks.

Artfest Kingston visitors choose one word depicting the future of Canada and how it may apply to themselves, personally - using decorative word art. Drawings expressed what visitors imagine for the future of Canada.  

On day three, Arthur added his own large scale word imagery taking inspiration from the content created during the first two days. He showcased his own creativity based on the chalk board verbiage that the visitors have left for his creative interpretation. Not knowing what the final outcome would be, Arthur pulled it all together creating the "One Love" phrase that seemed to draw from the contributing artists and participants of the mural creation. 

Posted on July 11, 2017 .