Lemon Balm Lane Body Care Available at Artfest Kingston

Lemon Balm Lane would like to start expanding to other provinces starting with Ontario so they are looking forward to marketing themselves at our upcoming Artfest Kingston show. Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, their products are unique because they infuse herbs into the oils to receive their natural benefits.

To date, they have not found any other company who actually does this type of infusion. Most will just use essential oils; however, Lemon Balm Lane takes it that one step farther. With a mandate is to help alleviate skin and/or pain issues with natural products, Lemon Balm Lane in exclusive which differentiates them from many other companies. Plus, their products are made in Canada supporting our local Canadian economy.  Celebrate Canada 150 with Lemon Balm Lane this Canada Day long weekend at Artfest Kingston.

Their body care products smell good enough to eat and they offer a selection of oils, soaps, chap stick balms, body care products, teas and more! 

We specialize in helping people as naturally as possible with skin care issues and also body pain & migraine issues.
— Sandra Deveau

Lemon Balm Lane's Philosophy

How they started...

Lemon Balm Lane’s products were originally developed to help family and friends with their various skin problems. These problems ranged from allergies to psoriasis to cold sores. They wanted to create all the items as naturally as possible using vegetable oils and herbs (No animal by-products or testing). Even using many of the herbs grown in their own organic gardens.

After months of research and different courses taught by professionals, the resulting products were amazing and very successful! So much so, that many people began asking if it was possible to buy them for their family and friends. So now they are available to you.


Posted on June 6, 2017 and filed under Body Care.