Paint a Picnic Table at Artfest Kingston!

Artfest families will once again have the chance to participate in our picnic table project.  This event was such a hit last year that we're bringing it back - Bigger and Better!

Twenty large picnic tables will be ready to act as our canvases for the weekend.  Stop by for a few minutes to see artists painting tables in all different genres - or spend the afternoon participating and painting with your family and friends.  Each table will feature a different theme based on the places and things we explore and discover.  For example, hidden treasure, coral reef, new planets, a pirate map, the secret garden and more!  

You can bid on your table in the silent auction with the proceeds going to support Artfest Kids and Family Arts Education Inc. non-profit.

Get ready to create at Artfest Kingston!  We have a lot of fun programming scheduled!  See you at the show!  


Posted on June 29, 2017 .