Children's Art Workshops, Art based Activities at Artfest Port Credit

At Artfest, introducing children to the arts is one of our mandates and we have seen that creative kids become our innovative future leaders.

As your family strolls through Memorial Park in Port Credit you will notice many interesting things that the artists have created. Take advantage of opportunities to talk to artists and artisans from far and wide and learn about the methods they use for creating their art. There are amazing things to discover! We hope you’ll come and experience Artfest Kids fun!

May 26-28 ~ Port Credit

Artfest Kids Port Credit Activities:

Friday Mixed Media Tree collage! 4pm-9pm

What's your favourite kind of tree? Use cut or torn paper, beads, string and found objects to create beautiful multi dimensional tree collages.

Saturday Animal Portraits 10am-6pm

Artists will be using water paints over collaged, upcycled, old books and printed newspapers to create highly textured portraits of their favourite Canadian animals.

Sunday Wire Bird Sculptures 10am-5pm

Sunday's art project will highlight the beautiful simplicity that can be found in wire line sculptures. Artists will start by creating a line drawing of a bird and then use simple tools to translate their images to wire sculptures with tree branch bases!


Posted on May 24, 2017 and filed under Artfest Kids.