Brianna Mulvale features her folk art paintings at Artfest Port Credit!

Brianna Mulvale is a young full time Canadian artist and designer from Georgetown, Ontario. Her love for art and creating began in early childhood and is one of her main inspirations in life. Creating and painting is her everyday pleasure and commitment. Brianna creates folk art that is fun and whimsical, with a little bit of funk.

I try as an artist to present a reflection of the beauty in life with inspirations drawn from the otherwise mundane and inspired by what connects us all, even if not seen in the moment of time. 
Life is a series of ups and downs. Art should reflect this and be able to move you. I prefer to cheer people up. The thought is: we could all use a little extra happiness in our lives wherever we can get it. If I can make someone smile with my art, then I have succeeded.”
— Brianna Mulvale

Brianna works with acrylic on canvas and her themes are based on folk art.. Her paintings depict sweet characters inhabiting a charming hilly land. Her paintings are full of a collection of houses, hills, hot air balloons, scarecrows, horses, dogs, cows and cats, kites, kids, and snowmen.

Her use of vibrant colours creates an enchanting world that draws you in. Brianna also creates giclée archival prints and blank greeting card reproductions of her work. All of the imaging is completed by her and the prints are produced in Halton, Ontario.

Check out Brainna's Artwork here.  Her funky, folk artwork will be showcased at Artfest Port Credit, from May 26 - 28th!  See you at the show! 

Posted on May 16, 2017 and filed under Paintings.