Sorin Creto ~ at Artfest at the Distillery

Thoughts from the artist:

"As a painter, my focus is into the abstract, the conceptual, the surreal. Archetypes, ideas, metaphors of this world and the vastness of the soul are the seeds and the pillars of the stories that I am telling in my paintings. They demand the participation of the observer, to dive inside them, to embrace them in order to eyewitness this emerging new world.

My art is the guiding path into this higher and more, it is the living into the state of getting closer to the finality of our questions, it is the act of not walking away and turning the back to our battles, our turmoil and our dreams. My art has the power to bring you back to life. You are all invited to fully participate into this new realization of our cosmos.

My background in art and philosophy gives to this attempt a distinctive perspective. Through my paintings and my poems I will be your guide in this new world. Look again at this world through my art like through a magical crystal and find a new connection with your own intimacy, your prejudices, your shame and guilt, your safe zones and your dark demons lurking behind our precious convenience.

Thank you,


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