Special Children's Programming at Artfest Toronto!


Artfest Children's Programming

May 20 - 22 ~ Toronto, Distillery District

Artfest Kids Create & Learn

Kids love art and Artfest loves kids! This year at Artfest Toronto, we are offering a slew of amazing children's art workshops that you won't want to miss out on!   Get ready to join in on the creative fun with artist Sabrina Parrish as your Artfest Artist guide. Kids can drop in anytime to experience new art activities all weekend long from 11am-6pm.

Artfest Kids Toronto Schedule:

Collagraph Canadian Flags!

Show your Canadian pride by waving your handmade flag! Today we will be experimenting with Collagraph Printing techniques to create your own mini red and white Canada flag!

Watercolour Landscape Silhouettes!

Let’s explore Canada’s amazing scenic landscapes coast to coast - Artist’s will learn all about composition, foreground, middle groud, background and horizon lines using a variety of paint resist techniques. Come create a colourful Canadian landscape painting!

Make your own Pom Pom Creatures!

Learn how to create your own colourful, fluffy pom-poms! We will be adding on google eyes, feet, wings, antenna and tails to give our pom-poms their own unique personality!

Artfest Kids will bring out the creative nature in every child.  At Artfest, introducing children to the arts is one of our mandates and we have seen that creative kids become our innovative future leaders. As your family strolls through the Distillery District, you will notice many interesting things that the artists have created. Take advantage of opportunities to talk to artists and artisans from far and wide and learn about the methods they use for creating their art. There are amazing things to discover! We hope you’ll come and experience Artfest Kids fun!

View some of our Artfest children's creations here.

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