Zimbabwe Artist Chaka features his work at Artfest Toronto!

Zimbabwe artist, Chaka, is back once again to showcase his cultural creations at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend at the one and only Distillery Historic District in Toronto.  Chaka creates breathtaking sculptures from Zimbabwe stone as well as up-cycled silver-wear.

Stone sculpture from Zimbabwe has been called 'Shona Sculpture', named after the largest tribe in Zimbabwe. This stone has played a fundamental role in the lives of Zimbabwean people for many generations, whether for building houses or creating sculpture. It is quite fitting that the name Zimbabwe came from the Shona phrase, dzimba dzamabwe - meaning 'great house of stone'.

Did you know that the word Zimbabwe means house of stone?  In fact, Zimbabwe is renowned for its wide variety and abundance of volcanic rock.

Chaka Chikodzi will be exhibiting at Artfest Toronto on Trinity Lane, from Sept 2nd - 5th. He welcomes you and shares his knowledge about Zimbabwe stone art. Be sure to check out his sculpture art and say hi!

Chaka's work is quickly evolving and he is busy trying to keep up with his ever growing demand for his cultural creations! 

Artist Statement:

"My own artistic practice as a sculptor began when I was a youth in Zimbabwe. The country’s economy was in decline; sculpting offered an opportunity to create income while expressing the difficulties of our postcolonial atmosphere.

Working in Canada, my artistic practice has helped me connect my experience with Canadians. Sculpting is very much directed by the stone’s natural formation; I work in cooperation with the stone to create forms that highlight its original beauty. The sculpting process is labour-intensive, and takes patience and focus, working with only hand-tools is an experience counter to the majority of activities that young Canadians of all backgrounds are used to participating in.

Zimbabwean stone sculpture is a good news story. Its subject matter reflects the lives of people struggling and celebrating life."




Posted on August 18, 2016 and filed under Sculpture.