Garry Revesz focuses on Wildlife Species at Risk

Garry Revesz's Wildlife and Nature photography focuses on "Species at Risk" whenever possible.  Find his work at the Distillery District this Labour Day weekend from Sept 2nd to 5th at Artfest Toronto.

Garry's Story:

As a kid, I was always most attracted to the outdoors, nature, industrial design, drawing, photography and of course, wildlife.  You know, the right brained stuff. Through my own companies, I was involved for over 35 years in software design and applications for small business.

However, I had enough of the business world, and an urge to follow my passion for nature! Wildlife photography was swelling up inside me. As an animal lover, I was becoming more anxious about the plight of wildlife and the poaching and senseless killing of animals was weighing heavily on my mind.  "Something has to be done," I thought. 

I felt I could somehow contribute to the growing need for education and awareness, and use photography as my ambassador to voice my concerns. Photography has been good to me, and for me. I have won many local photo competitions, several international competitions, and I have been published, even though my focus to this point has been on studying and photographing.

Garry Revesz, Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Visit Garry's website here and see you all at Artfest Toronto!

Posted on August 12, 2016 and filed under Photography.