Canadian Landscape Artist awes us at Artfest!

Artist, Donald Graves brings breathtaking Canadian landscapes to life with oil on canvas.  His work is vibrant and captures the true essence and beauty of nature. Find his work at the spring and fall Artfest Toronto shows and Artfest Kingston.

“Life reveals the raw energy of our waterways, the haunting symmetry of our trees and the history that lies deep within our rocks and mountains. Landscapes sing their stories and I capture them with my brush and palette," says Don.

Donald's paintings are a reflection of his life's journey! He participates in several juried shows and art auctions, each year. His detailed landscapes feature Georgian Bay, Algonquin, Muskoka, Bruce Trail, Ottawa Valley and the Gatineau region. His work is described as colour impressionist. You'll find his amazing work in Gallery2, Burlington and at our Artfest shows! Prior to a painting career he served as the Dean of Art at Sheridan College for 18 years.  His is also a professional musician; a man of many talents to say the least!

“Graves’s style is characterized by a wonderfully tense relationship…of a tress leaning to a blast of wind…and the sky a mass of blue and white swirls.”
— Spectator

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Donald reflects on his passion and intimate experience when painting landscapes and nature:

“Trees, water, rock and terrain, together they offer me a one of kind story.” - Donald

Visit his website to see more of his work:  Donald Graves - Canadian Landscape Artist