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Times Gone By Studio will be featuring original art works and high quality prints at three out of four of our Artfest shows!  Yes, we love his work!  Check out Brent McGillvray's artwork at our upcoming Port Credit, Kingston and Fall Distillery District shows and take home one of his masterpieces!  
Brent McGillivray and Maureen Bennett combine their unique styles to form the Times Gone By Studio. They offer beautiful, original art works, and high quality prints.
About Brent McGillivray

Brent McGillivray was born in 1954 in Wakefield, Quebec. A graduate of Architectural Technology at Algonquin College in Ottawa; Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto; and printmaking at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. As a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, Brent has worked as a set designer and art director in the film industry in Toronto since 1993. He is fascinated by many vanishing historic sites and graphics, which have inspired him to create paintings and prints of disappearing urban and rural artifacts. By using a photo-realistic style with water colours, gouache and acrylics, the viewer is intrigued and drawn to the image for a closer study.

Making Music ~ Brent McGillvray

Making Music ~ Brent McGillvray

View Brent's Newest Collection here: http://www.timesgonebystudio.com/#!bm/cay5.

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