Taking Care of Art Business Day~ Jan 27th Join us!

Dear Artists,

Please join us for our first ever Taking Care of Art Business Day in Toronto. Bring your friends and spend ONE day dedicated to growing your art business. I know it is a bit of a trek for some of you, but it will be worth it.
I would love to see some friendly smiles in the seats. Here are the details...

Taking Care of Art Business Day

A day devoted to you and your art business. Join us in Toronto on Wednesday January 27th for a packed day of art business tips, information and networking. Presented by Artists Advantage, Artfest Ontario and Training Business Pros.

Our talented speakers will cover a variety of topics:

  • Successful Grant Writing
  • Digital Marketing & Selling Your Art
  • Branding Yourself As An Artist & How To Do It
  • Creative Tools For New Product Ideas
  • Artists Advantage~ Saving You Time & Money
  • 9:00am-4pm. Breakfast included. Book your seat now.

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9:00am-4pm. Breakfast included. Book your seat now.


Meet our talented speakers:


Paul Tobey ~ Digital Marketing & Selling Your Art

Paul Tobey, CEO, Author, & Trainer

You'll learn how a starving artist became the founder and CEO of Training Business Pros, Canada’s leading digital marketing training company. Today, Paul leads digital marketing implementation Super Teams across the country, but you may be surprised to learn that he is also a multi-award winning jazz pianist with several albums and awards to his name.  He's helped over 50 thousand businesses including: art curators, artists, musicians, venues and specialty retailers and companies like Sony use digital marketing to increase their tribes and drive up sales.  

In this training, you'll learn THE 7 "HAVE TO'S "ON YOUR WAY TO YOUR "WANT TO"S...so you can build a bigger tribe, have people purchase more from you, and with more frequency.

*No recording devices are allowed, however, you are welcome to tweet about this presentation. Use hashtag #infusionsoft and Paul’s handle is @PAULTOBEY while you learn about marketing automation. 

Digital Marketing & Selling Your Art

  • The 7 "HAVE TO'S "ON YOUR WAY TO YOUR "WANT TO"S...so you can build a bigger tribe, have people purchase more from you, and with more frequency.








Nancy Mayer~ Creative Tools For New Product Ideas

Nancy Mayer, Power Play Productivity Solutions

Nancy Mayer is an independent Business Advisor, Project Consultant and Innovation Coach based in Toronto, Ontario. Power Play Productivity Solutions was created to help business owners take back their power, empower their people and create a positive, collaborative work environment where people are playing at their best.  Drawing on her 25 years of experience in project-oriented industries like business development, artist and event management, manufacturing and marketing and most recently software development, she provides a variety of project management and facilitation services.  She is a passionate evangelist for the latest business tools and techniques that lead to collaboration and innovation.

Her personal tagline is Get it Done and Have More Fun.

Creative Tools For New Product Ideas

  • 10 questions to encourage Ideas
  • Divergent & Convergent Thinking
  • Explore the Opportunity
  • Tools & Techniques: Forced & Visual Connection, Brainwriting, SCAMPER



Shane Durnford~ Branding Yourself As An Artist & How To Do It

Shane Durnford, Graphic Design, Sign Craft

Shane graduated from Toronto's George Brown Typography and Design program in 1981.  With lettering quill in hand and a box of paint, he started from a humble shop in Creemore, Ontario and, within a few short years, had become a highly sought after Signcrafter.  As a Registered Graphic Designer, Shane quickly became known for not only his superb hand crafting skills but also for his novel image consulting and design services, across various mediums including: logos, websites, promotional/advertising material, illustration, corporate branding, and showpiece signage. His unique brand is sensory storytelling thru maximum impact, multifaceted visual imagery.

Shane’s work and articles have appeared in international trade publications. He has received national exposure in major Canadian magazines and television. His work, as well as articles, are well respected within the industry. He has hosted design workshops with participants from as far away as Australia. He is retained as key note speaker for branding strategies by municipalities.

Branding Yourself As An Artist & How To Do It

  • What is branding anyway? 
  • Why do YOU need to brand? 
  • Applying the principles of branding from promotional materials, display and best practices.


Lory MacDonald~ Artists Advantage Saving You Time & Money

Lory MacDonald OCAD, Artist, Artfest Ontario

Lory MacDonald OCAD, is a professional artist and art business leader. With 35 years experience creating and exhibiting in shows, she has gained insights and knowledge from the ground up. Lory has a natural skill for being a team player and for recognizing creative opportunities. She founded of Artfest Ontario shows in 2010 and produces top quality events for artists. Her latest endeavor, in partnership with Al Hearn, is the new Artists Advantage membership program for professional artists.

Artists Advantage~ Saving You Time & Money

  • Introduction to Artists Advantage
  • The power of numbers
  • An overview of the discounts & benefits






Al Hearn~ Successful Grant Writing

Al Hearn Ph.D., Grant Writer, Hearn Consulting

Al Hearn has followed a variety of career paths. He has worked in business as a sales manager and trainer, in the Canadian Armed Forces as a professional musician and in universities as a program director and administrator in the area of experiential education. He earned a masters degree in music and a Ph.D. in higher education at the University of Michigan. He has written many successful grants for Artfest Ontario, Magic of Children in the Arts, Music Mentors, Gilda’s Club, The University of Cincinnati and University of Michigan and others.  Al currently works as a business consultant, grant writer and is building, along with his partner Lory MacDonald, an exciting new membership organization for professional artists called Artists Advantage.

Successful Grant Writing

  • Finding grants for your business
  • Grant writing tips
  • What not do to when writing grants
  • Should I hire a grant writer?
  • When starting a business, consider a non profit