Artfest Toronto at the Distillery ~a huge success

Despite the unusual sweltering heat over the long weekend, we had stellar crowds at Artfest Toronto. The show looked beautiful, thanks to the efforts of the 80 exhibiting artists. People came from all over to take in the event. The new area along the extended Distillery Lane worked well as it was easily visible from the main square with our newly acquired 6x10 tents!

Being the new proud owners of 12 tents has it's challenges with storage, transporting and drying.......which we experienced last weekend! At 5:59 pm, one minute before the show closed, we had a rain shower at the Distillery. The result was Al and I spending the entire next day drying tent walls and tops in our dryer. Lol.

It was great to have Steve Veale back with the Artfest team, following his hip replacement. Steve launched his Toronto Indy Film Festival last night at the Carlton Theatre. It runs for 10 days and is an affordable way to see new films. Get your tickets now!

Lory MacDonald and Steve Veale

Lory MacDonald and Steve Veale

Posted on September 11, 2015 .