I am Canadian!

Have you noticed lately that the decor in many homes has become neutralized? The furniture is a neutral colour, all matching, and almost everything in the house was made in China. While this has made many things affordable to purchase, it is really kind of boring. On the other hand it has created a sense of calmness so desperately sought after in our over-busy lives.

It seems like our stellar, robust Canadian personality has been wiped clean from our home decor. Sometimes when I am a car passenger at night and glance through the windows as they zoom past, I notice that most home wall décor is non-existent. Just blank walls. What happened to making our homes reflect our personalities? Are we too polite in Canada to even stand up and say ‘Hey I am Canadian!’?

What would our homes look like if we did add our personalities into our home décor? From the world’s perspective, Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Our landscapes are vast, our seasons stunning, our fresh water lakes almost endless. So it makes sense to reflect some of that in our homes for sure, perhaps with wall art.

There are many fantastic Canadian landscape painters and photographers to choose from: But what about abstract art? This can be a bit trickier to select. One of the main benefits of an abstract piece is that you never get tired of it. There are usually many details going on in the piece, so you can continue to discover new things in it.

I grew up with a Tom Hodgson abstract painting (Painters Eleven) hanging in the living room. We hung it horizontally, vertically, upside down and right side up and moved it around to different walls. Each way created a new look and conversation about what we saw in the painting. Never got tired of it.

Wall art can transform a home, create a mood, make a statement and reflect your personality. Then add in some handmade Canadian objects like a maple wood bowl or hand crafted coffee table, a sculpture carved out of a Canadian rock, a hand blown glass lamp reflecting our stunning fall colours, pillows with imagery of our wild flowers or beautiful pottery with our Canadian earth tones or embossed imagery of our wildlife.

All practical items that can be used daily and a nice variety of colour and tone that will add drama to the neutral tones of walls and furniture. All of these kinds of items are available at summer art & craft shows throughout Canada. So I hope to see you at Artfest Toronto coming up on September 4-7 at the Distillery Historic District. The artists have just what you need to make your home shout out “I am Canadian!”

Posted on September 1, 2015 .