Bijoux Beads Jewellery at Artfest Toronto!

Bijoux Beads creates a fine selection of elegant jewellery using semi-precious stones exclusively from Quebec and Canada, natural freshwater and culture pearls, sterling silver pieces, Swarovski crystal and metal filigree. + "Navajo" influence jewellery with natural turquoise, a variety of stunning stones, and natural shells.

Artist Statement:

Trained as a landscape architect and now a jeweller, I have created jewellery for more than 20 years. Nature and particularly the wonderful mineral world inspire my designs. I studied the art of jewellery-making ( silversmith and lapidary work) with renowned Navajo silversmiths from New-Mexico and Arizona at the Idyllwild School of Arts and Music in California.

My collections harmonize semi-precious stones, local but rare natural stones (fron Quebec and the rest of Canada), natural freshwater and culture pearls, sterling silver and metal filigree. Wether they are of traditional or contemporary inspiration, my jewellery distinguishes itself by its elegant simplicity and classical style.

The natural elegance of my jewellery allows for countless combinations and juxtapositions in order to affirm a personalized style for any occasion.Handmade in Quebec and proud Canadian product. My jewellery is exhibited in Montreal, throughout Quebec and Canada as well as France.

Find Bijoux at Artfest Toronto and check our their selection of fine hand crafted wearable art!

Posted on August 7, 2015 and filed under Jewellery.